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  • Solveig Throndardottir
    Noble Cousin! Greetings from Solveig! ... That is one of the problems with Baron Edward s model. My model equates the king with the shougun which makes the
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      Noble Cousin!

      Greetings from Solveig!

      > Yoshi:
      > Thank you for the input! If daishou is too far up the ladder (using
      > the good Baron Effingham's model, I am a member of the senior fourth
      > cout rank), what would the most appropriate term be for a bushi that
      > is serving in the capcity of general of an army? Bushou?

      That is one of the problems with Baron Edward's model. My model equates
      the king with the shougun which makes the king rank 5. Generally
      speaking, nobody of about fifth rank or above wanted to leave the
      capital let alone actually lead armies in combat. The highest ranking
      provincial governor generally held rank 5 and didn't actually go out
      into the provinces. It was usually the deputy governor of rank 6 or
      below who actually went out and did the dirty work. As I already
      mentioned the shougun was only rank 5. Daishou was a unique title for
      the konoefu division of palace guards and there were only ever two of
      them at a time one for the left and the other for the right.
      Regardless, Rank 5 is about the highest rank you are likely to see
      outside of the capital on anything other than a holiday.

      > First, my thanks to Ii-dono for his response. For context: "He has
      > always served as a patron of the arts." Ii-dono's bijutsu was the
      > word I was trying draw from the dark regions of my brain. Is there a
      > term that is more appropriate?

      Bijutsu means artistic technique (lit. beauty + technique) it does mean
      "the arts" in a sense. It all depends on what you are trying to
      express. A "bijutsukan" is an art museum.

      Your Humble Servant
      Solveig Throndardottir
      Amateur Scholar

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