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Re: [SCA-JML] Chivalry

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  • Solveig Throndardottir
    Noble Cousin! Greetings from Solveig! ... You can t find it, because it isn t there. The badge consisting of an annular white belt is registered to the SCA by
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 13, 2006
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      Noble Cousin!

      Greetings from Solveig!

      > Could someone please state the document reference that reserves the
      > wearing of a white belt for Chivalry? I've been looking through the
      > SCA's governing documents and East kingdom law and I can't find it.

      You can't find it, because it isn't there. The badge consisting of an
      annular white belt is registered to the SCA by the College of Arms.
      However, the College of Arms does not claim that this protects the
      object itself, only its depiction. Further, there is no enabling
      language in Corpora for the College of Arms to regulate any sort of
      regalia at all. Corpora authorizes the Laurel Sovereign of Arms to
      regulate Names and Armory for use within the Society for Creative
      Anachronism. Therefore the question is not one of law and policy, but
      of etiquette. I would argue that wearing white belt-like things which
      are specific to particular costumes such as the habits of Cistercian
      monks, Shintoh priests, Japanese imperial footmen, &c. is not at all
      impolite. Now then, wearing a white belt with a buckle and a very long
      tongue knotted over a red doublet and parti-colored hose is, to the
      best of my knowledge, a deliberate pretense, and is impolite.

      Your Humble Servant
      Solveig Throndardottir
      Amateur Scholar

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