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    One would think there are mercenaries in every culture. On land and in sea. HOtaru sigrune@aol.com wrote: ... Considering that some of the incidents/situations
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      One would think there are mercenaries in every culture. On land and in sea.

      sigrune@... wrote:
      Ii Saburou Katsumori writes:

      >...I believe that the reason we don't see much on Japanese
      >piracy is because, for the Japanese, it was not a
      >significant influence on the major history of the islands.
      >...On top of that, the people in Japan were concerned about
      >the wars and politics that most directly affected them,
      >and once again, I'm not sure that piracy was making such a
      >big impact.

      Considering that some of the incidents/situations that can be considered the causes to the rise of the samurai were in part brought about by pirate activity. I am refering to the early-mid 900's (935 comes to mind) actions of (IIRC) Fujiwara Sumitomo, who lead a rebellion near Kyushu and the inland sea against imperial authority after he got in trouble for piracy and disruption of trade. (Armed enforcement of his monopoly)
      This happened about the same time as Taira Masakado's rebellion, and another in the far north (Abe sticks in my head). Point being Japanese Piracy/Privateering has been in exisitance nearly as long as samurai, though the exact specifics are fuzzy.

      BTW didn't the Taira in the Gempei-ran enlist Fujiwara ships and armed crews? I seem to recall something about Yoshitsune cutting a deal with pirates to increase his fleet for Dan-no-ura, not the details of it but that that was one of Yoritomo's complaints, Yoshitsune offering them pardon in exchange for their ships.

      -Takeda (lacking reference materials while at work)

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