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  • jake curda
    Solveig-dono , and to all those who have followed this topic...... if you will permit me a secon dto ramble and add two more cents than i promice to get to the
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 6, 2006
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      Solveig-dono , and to all those who have followed this topic......

      if you will permit me a secon dto ramble and add two more cents than i promice to get to the point as quickly as possible......as i have stated i am a bard , and as such from time to time i know i can be a bit long-winded......i have been guilty of praise of Solveig-dono and others on this list.....i have found them a welth of information....as many others here.....teh imput from all sides is what makes a topic really come together.....it is undersandable , though , how sometimes one can get a littel aggrivated at a topic or comment.....and sometimes willpower fails us for a moment and we lash out........i stand in a bit of pride tonight as i followed this topic along......i see many good ideas to solve a few problems that have been adressed.......and i thank you dearly , Solveig-dono , for this last message that you have sent.......to be able to stand back and say wait a second , and appoligize for any insult that might have been percieaved.....that is a merit of charcter that is
      to be admired.......to all on this list who have talked this situation out rather than just let it turn into a flame war , i thank you as well....and admire the charcter in all that chose that path to find a solution..........in closeing i shall continue to sing the praises , in my kingdom , of all who participate on this list.....for it is all of you that make it possible for those like to me , to present as authentic persona as i can.......and to strive for the advancement of japanese persona in my kindom.......perhaps from time to time , my praises come off a little to loudly.....and i ask all to forgive me , as my SCA father was a very boisterous bard himself.........

      always in gratitude
      Yagyu Masamori Nobunagga
      (bard and much more)

      Solveig Throndardottir <nostrand@...> wrote:
      Noble Cousin!

      Greetings from Solveig! I should know better, but I fear that I bait
      easily. I managed to resist posting to the note about "polite
      countries" posting notice before attacking. However this second note
      succeeded in baiting me.

      The business about declarations of war prior to attacking is a bit
      complicated. 1) The standard version these days is that the Japanese
      attempted to orchestrate delivery of their final diplomatic message
      shortly before the attack but failed. 2) The Flying Tigers arrived on
      station in Burma the day BEFORE Pearl Harbor! Basically, United States
      forces was all set to attack the Japanese army in China without any
      particular niceties. Do not pretend that the Flying Tigers were not US
      forces - they were recruited in the United States and equipped &c by
      the United States. Somewhat later, the United States tried to integrate
      the Flying Tigers into the US Army Air Corps. Incidentally, the
      business about the Flying Tigers appeared a few issues back in
      Education on Asia which is published by the Association for Asian

      > Well, can we add pseudo-naughty references to spanking as well?

      What references to spanking? However, if the reference is to Japanese
      "soft porn", well so what? Is there a noticeable porn shortage in the
      United States? But, again, So what? Nobody that I know who has spent
      much time in Japan claims that the place is perfect.

      > and then you drop a casual reference to 'evidence' that the Rape of
      > Najing was
      > exaggerated?

      I cited my source for that one. I was surprised by it as well as I SAW
      the news reals while I was in K-12. However, Baron Edward was involved
      with a scholarly study which disproves the "Rape of Nanking". He has
      talked about it in this forum before. The argument is pretty
      compelling, and there was a lot of propaganda generated by all sides
      during both world wars. Does that mean that there were no Japanese War

      > And then, after tossing off these little superficial
      > nuggets of history, you declare an end to discussion? Ridiculous.
      > Totally, patently ridiculous. I remember why you drove me off this
      > list in the first place.

      Discussion of these things is seriously off-topic for this group. And
      these topics appear to revolve around a small number of people
      expressing anger or otherwise griping. If this were a usenet discussion
      about the Pacific War or social problems in modern Japan, then the
      business about PM visits could be appropriate. Further, the business
      about Japan "growing up" or some such thing was at best snarky.

      > Don't bother responding. Once again, I have learned my lesson: if a
      > message does not either (1) proclaim certain members of this group as
      > Supreme Authority or (2) slavishly pay homage to the Dream or (3)
      > ra-ra-ra local kingdoms go! . . . then it's either ignored or tucked
      > aside.

      Simply counter-factual. There is very little kingdom boosterism here. I
      know of very few people who here who subscribe to "The Dream" (TM)
      mythos. As for proclaiming people as supreme authorities, I have seen
      something like that on rare occasions. However, it is pretty uncommon
      as well. If, on the other hand, you mean people arguing about what was
      really going on in pre-modern Japan, well that is one of the things
      that the group is for! I can't think of anyone on the list (myself
      included) who has been right about things even particularly close to
      100% of the time. Some people do have more background and more
      resources than others. Baron Edward pointed out a while back that he
      and I and a few others here have bigger libraries than most.

      > Pearl Harbour was a legitimate military target? ANything's a
      > legitimate military target . . . the question is, why are you
      > attacking it?

      The Heritage Foundation disagrees with you on this one. So does the
      Geneva Convention.

      "If an attack against a military target is expected to result in
      civilian harm despite precautionary measures, the attack must be
      cancelled if the incidental harm caused to civilians or civilian
      objects would be disproportional (excessive) to the direct military
      advantage anticipated. Military objectives are combatants or objects
      which, by their nature, location, purpose, or use make an effective
      contribution to military action and whose destruction or neutralization
      offers a definite military advantage. Anything else constitutes a
      civilian object, which cannot be the object of attack."

      The Japanese were attacking the Pacific Fleet and its support
      facilities. Both were legitimate military targets. FDR made a great
      speech following Pearl Harbor, but the attack was hardly something that
      would "live in infamy".

      Your Humble Servant
      Solveig Throndardottir
      Amateur Scholar

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