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  • Rick Johnson
    ... Agreed, unlike European xians who believed that you either belonged to their personal church or were evil , Japanese and Asians in general were more
    Message 1 of 50 , Feb 1, 2006
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      >>Someone else's post commented on the "dissapearance" of an astounding number of Christians when Hideyoshi banned Chrisitanity. Tens of thousands were executed, some did flee to other lands near Japan (Phillipines primarily), but I would imagine that many simply severed their ties and faded into the woodwork. Views on religion in Japan were (and are) a bit different than the western world sees them. I am sure in period, many Japanese "became Christians" simply because it was new, different, exceiting, exotic, opened avenues for advancement either through trade, or in religious politics. We do know that some Japanese scholars became "Christian" to gain access to western learning, a process that would continue with "Western Studies" classes with the Dutch at Hirado and Nagasaki less than a century later.

      Agreed, unlike European xians who believed that you either belonged to their personal church or were 'evil', Japanese and Asians in general were more accomodating and had no trouble combining faiths. This is why in the 19th century, there was amovement to 'remove' Buddhist tenets from Shinto and return Shinto to the original Japanese form.
      As a Witch, myself, I see in that attempt the same thing we do when we try to remove non-Wiccan ideas and returnto the 'pure' ancient religion of our ancestors.

      But Asians, like pagans, are very accomodating and there are a number of reasons why one would be xian, all similar to why Pagans pass as xians in america:
      1) Your boss/Lord is xian and you either pretend to convert or you don't work (or be banished as ronin)
      2) Your boss/Lord is xian and you pretend to convert or be fired (or be executed)
      3) Your current religion doesn't answer all your questions and you hope the new one will. When it doesn't, you eturn to the older familiar faith.
      4) You are angry with your parents and convert to rebel.

      blah, blah, blah...

      Then when things went bad, you re-converted rather than die.
      Isabel and Phillip of Spain, the ones who financed Columbus, also order the expulsion of all Jews who refused to become catholic. Anyone who left, left poor as their property was confiscated by the crown. The solution was to pretend to convert, remain secretly jew and live in your home country. But Phillip & Isabella saw throughthis and authorized Torquemada to execute any Jew who wasn't a real convert, thus 20,000 Jews burned in Grenada.

      I imagine that once the edicts went into place in Japan, some very few chose martyrdom but most recanted and returned to Buddhism/Shinto with some others retiring to neighboring Asian islands.

      Considering the attitude of the Western Barbarians to such suimple things as cleanliness and bathing and church over Lord, why would any self-respecting Japanese want to go to Europe where no one bathes ever?

      Rick Johnson, PO Box 40451, Tucson, Az. 85717

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    • Park McKellop
      Just think about it... You could be a Japanese immigrant/visitor who was acculturating and really admiring all things European, the clothes, the food and the
      Message 50 of 50 , Feb 5, 2006
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        Just think about it...

        You could be a Japanese immigrant/visitor who was acculturating and really admiring all things European, the clothes, the food and the history. Plus, since you were taught by Jesuits, you'd have a decent grasp of the more distant past. Imagine the conversations you could have!

        Templars are awesome! They are totally sweet! And by sweet I mean mega-cool! They had Ultimate Fighting Power! There was this one Templar, who paid a Saracen to stable his horse, and the next morning he found out that his horse had been fed straw, rather than hay! He flipped out! I mean, he totally flipped out! He killed that Saracen, and that was just the start of it! Before he got tired, he'd killed the entire Caliphate! It just makes me want to play the air-hurdygurdy! Totally awesome!!!

        There is a secret tradition that the Templar was actually trained by ninjas. Of course, there is no documentation for this, otherwise it wouldn't be secret. ;-)

        Alcyoneus (who senses a severe fanning...)

        --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, Park McKellop <squire009@...> wrote:
        > If you really want to get Pavel's goat, go Japanese AND take up rapier.

        *thwacks Alcyoneus with fan* BAD bushi! No biscuit!

        Hotoru-hime, don't listen to him--we all know that rapier in Calontir
        will lead to Cavalier men and Scarlet women! And Baroque, SHAMELESS
        music that'll grab YOUR son and YOUR daughter with the arms of a
        jungle animal instink! Mass-staria!


        Ki no Torahime

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