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  • Yamana Hitomi
    Being Firly new myself I cannot advise about the historical aspects, but if you canopy is anything like mine, the plastc top is very waterproof. The only time
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2005
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      Being Firly new myself I cannot advise about the historical aspects, but
      if you canopy is anything like mine, the plastc top is very waterproof.
      The only time you'll need to worry about it is in a high wind, and even
      then, the sides will be a bigger problem.


      sca-jml@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      > Message: 2
      > Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 06:42:39 -0000
      > From: "hawaiianscorpion1" <hawaiianscorpion@...>
      >Subject: akunoya questions
      >Hello all,
      > My name is Gina and my husband and I were introduced to the
      >S.C.A. last year. My husband is doing a Japanese persona as a
      >ronin. Because my husband is only interested in the fighting and the
      >armor making aspect of his persona,it has become my job to make his
      >persona more realistic, (from teaching him Japanese sayings to making
      >his hakamas.) I came across this mailing list and I want to thank
      >all of those who had contributed, either by asking questions to
      >answering them, and everything in between. The information here is
      >priceless and I will be visiting this site very frequently.
      > I would like to ask a few questions regarding how to make a
      >Japanese tent (akunoya). I would like to use a portable carport as
      >the frame of the akunoya. I got inspired by one of Mr. Anthony J.
      >Bryants fabulous websites. Please bear with me.
      > I am planning on making an akunoya that be opened for those
      >who want to hang out. We will not be sleeping in it so I do not need
      >fabric that is heavy for warmth or anything like that. I will be
      >using some sort of plastic covering on the top of the tent to keep
      >the rain from getting in but I would like to use a lighter, airier
      >fabric to make the tent cooler and inviting to others. What kind of
      >fabric is recommended on my needs and how do I (if I choose to later)
      >make the tent water-resistant? I live in San Diego, CA if that helps
      >in answering my question.
      > The tent will be vertically striped, which means lots of
      >strips of cloth and seams. Does anyone know any tips to sew the tent
      >easier, or maybe simpler? I would love to hear from you all on this
      >one. **smiles**
      > I will leave the plastic roof that comes with the carport and
      >I wonder if it is adequate protection from the rain. I might cover
      >the roof with another plastic sheet to be sure. I would like to make
      >the fabric of the roof over hang the walls of the tent about a foot
      >long. What can I do to fasten the roof fabric to the roof frame of
      >the tent?
      > As for the walls, I was thinking of making it like tabbed
      >curtains so I can make an opening anywhere I need one to be. To set
      >up the walls, I thought it might be easier on me if the tabs had
      >Velcro on it so I can easily wrap it around the frame. Does anybody
      >have a better idea?
      > I know that the akunoya was for temporary dwelling but for my
      >sakes, I really need the flooring to be dry because I have little
      >children. I am thinking of making a raised floor and all I came up
      >with was to nail boards of plywood to 2x2s or something, and cover it
      >with rugs/carpet/whatever I happen to have on hand. Does anybody
      >have any tips on that or maybe have a better idea?
      > Those are my questions so far. Thank you so much for reading
      >my post. I look forward to getting some replies.
      > Sincerely, gina
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