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  • lynnx@enteract.com
    ... you mean that one in Hawaii? Haven t seen those guys for a while - think they either went out of biz or changed to selling em some other way. Actually
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2000
      > (unless someone happens to know of a kimono dealer that sells used kimono's by
      > the bale...I USED to have that address, but it is LONG gone).
      you mean that one in Hawaii? Haven't seen those guys for a
      while - think they either went out of biz or changed to
      selling 'em some other way.

      Actually if you're writing up *period* kimono, the ones you
      can get now are too narrow - standard width is about 13" -
      trust me i've dissected sooooo many of 'em. Even one or 2
      on purpose...)

      The narrow kosode with the wide is Edo, which started just
      about the time QE died [insert x-files music here] - so

      Period kosode - "small sleeve" - was usually used as undies
      (well, "over-undies") in earlier times; loose-ish (sortu, no
      "real estate showing", with and a *2" - 3"* sash (band,
      belt, whatever) to hold it shut. (Per layer.)

      If you can, go out to the TI index (don't have the url -
      anyone?) and try and find the one that came out in the last
      2 or so years sometime. There's an article in it that shows
      how different the modern (Edo) ones were from the "now"
      ones, in both cut and fabric design.

      Maybe when you see the difference maybe it'll help damp some
      of that hole-in-your-pocket feeling. (right. Says she who
      just dropped $160+ at my favorite junk store that sells 'em
      as-is, cheap enuff to fix and re-sell reasonable.)

      BTW If you are looking for smaller "bales" Yokodana Trading
      has them ($20/lb, min. 10 lbs, they make an effort to put in
      lots of different stuff in each one. You can find 'em on
      eBay, drool, then go to their site from there. <evilgrin>).


      Meanwhile here's some info sites. Some may offer stuff for
      sale, but if you can get around that (have your dearest hide
      your cards, checkbook, stamps and envelopes... and the phone
      too?) I tried to stick with more-info-than-offers.

      No hucking, just heian info:


      ...and now ya go no excuse not to make your own:-)

      This guy does shibori workshops, he's got great links too.

      Sister Ed
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