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    For anyone in the Niagara Area, this might be of interest. As pro football season lurches to an inevitable end, Japan Nite prepares to take its place with an
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2000
      For anyone in the Niagara Area, this might be of interest.

      As pro football season lurches to an inevitable end, Japan Nite
      prepares to take its place with an evening of culture.

      First organized in 1996 by UB's Japan International Society - a
      then-fledgling Student Association club, Japan Nite has since become an
      annual presentation of Japanese culture and tradition for the Buffalo area.

      Now, four years and over 200 members later, JIS plans to take the
      Center for the Arts by storm with Japan Nite 2000, its largest event ever.

      "Four years ago, (JIS) was very small with very few members and no
      budget. Now we are trying to have an expensive Japan Nite in the Mainstage
      Theater," said JIS president Shin Akaho, reflecting on his organization's
      enormous transitions.

      "(JIS) is composed of many different students with diverse ideas.
      That's how we organized the show so quickly. The Asian Studies Department
      helped us a lot," said Akaho.

      The primary goal of JIS is to expand awareness towards Japanese
      culture and to promote interaction between the Japanese community and other
      people with differert backrounds.

      This year's extravaganza features Karate and Aikido masters, who
      will demonstrate their martial arts chops. Also on the roster is the
      sakura kai, an elegant dance performed by traditional Japanese dancers
      garbed in the classic kimono.

      Another returning Japan Nite favorite is Yakudo, a Toronto-based
      taiko (Japanese drum) group which considers itself a medium for
      communication and expression through lively performances.

      Originally formed as the Toronto Suwa Daiko in 1981 by Japan's
      renowned drum master Daihachi Ogushi, the group changed its name in 1993 to
      Yakudo, which translates to "full of life and energy." The internationally
      renowned taiko troupe surpasses skin slamming by combining stamina, rhythm,
      body movement and discipline to instill the universal language in the

      A short historical film is also planned for Japan Nite to chronicle
      the last 1,000 years of Japanese history.

      A few other surprises remain in the works. JIS has publicized the
      event for more than a month in advance to insure that every one of the
      Mainstage Theater's 1,800 seats is occupied. JIS is also attempting to
      reach non-students by distributing 5,000 flyers to families in the Buffalo
      and Niagara area. An extra special guest might join in the festivities.

      "We're trying to get in touch with Mayor (Anthony Masiello),"
      explained Akaho. "Because Buffalo and Kanazawa in Japan are sister cities,
      JIS would like him to make a speech. I'm going to ask him about the 21st
      century with the U.S. and Japan," he said. "We want to be one of the
      biggest clubs at UB. This Japan Nite will be great, so please come!"

      Japan Nite 2000 kicks off aon Saturday Feb. 26 at 6p.m. Tickets
      are $7 in advance and$10 at the door. For more information, call 645-ARTS
      or visit http://wings.buffalo.edu/SA/JIS on the World Wide Web.

      I know that is more information than you all needed but I thought
      that the article was interesting in many different ways.

      Thought this might be of interest.

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