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Re: [SCA-JML] Samurai Helms of good craftmanship

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  • Scott
    Thanks for all the great feeback guy. Very appreciated. Having an Asian persona isnt the easiest thing to do in the SCA. Its hard to find good resources on
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 23, 2005
      Thanks for all the great feeback guy. Very appreciated. Having an Asian persona isnt the easiest thing to do in the SCA. Its hard to find good resources on Japanese culture, thank you for making this list so we can become a better part of the SCA comunity =)


      Donald Luby <djl@...> wrote:
      On Mar 22, 2005, at 8:23 PM, DinoKruz@... wrote:

      > In addition to CLANG which was just mentioned I would add
      > Darkheartarmoury as
      > a source to consider for list legal (SCA) japanese style helms.
      > http://clang.adkinssoftware.com/helm%20pics/helm%20kabuto%2001.html

      CLANG does pretty good work; I purchased one of his kabuto (zunari, a
      style he doesn't appear to make any more) new from him via eBay a
      couple of years ago. I got a good deal on it (about $120, IIRC), but
      it came unpainted (though it had been primer'ed), without laces for the
      shikoro or nodawa (a simple hinge rivet on each side only), nor chin
      strap - I estimate a reasonable price for something like that at about
      $225 - $250. While I don't know exactly now much extra work goes into
      making a momonari rather than a zunari, but $450 is absurd; which is
      reflected by his 'options' costs - $60 for holes, $60 for lacing, $15
      for a simple leather chinstrap?!?

      All that adds up to, for a basic unpainted helmet, to almost $600, for
      something which IMO should go for about half that. If you're willing
      to spend that kind of money, I'd suggest finding a good armorer and
      convincing him to make something more precisely to your specs (incl
      fitted for your head), rather than buy something 'off the shelf';
      that's what I've always done (exc for my first kabuto, which was just a
      spun bowl with a shikoro riveted on, and a long time ago), and I've
      always been very happy with the results.

      > http://www.darkheartarmoury.com/zunari.htm

      I like the look of the zunari, especially the lacing he used except for
      the glaring brass rivets holding the top shikoro lame onto the bowl of
      the helmet; using the same rivets as on the bowl and powder coating it
      black as well would have been much better IMO, but perhaps that's what
      the customer wanted. I also wish he'd list how much he would charge
      (ballpark) for doing something exactly like a completed commission,
      even though he claims each job is a unique work. Unfortunately,
      regardless of his prices, his commission queue looks pretty long,
      unless he's basically armoring full-time.

      > Regards,
      > Kyostti
      > Company of Rakehells
      > House of Sir Rashid

      Sir Koredono

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