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Jugglers, Tumblers, and Bards II

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  • Bjorn Swiftaxe
    Jugglers, Tumblers, and Bards II June 24-26 Brookefield, NY (Shire of Coppertree) Here ye now both song and tale of gallantry once more in the wide vast hills
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2005
      Jugglers, Tumblers, and Bards II
      June 24-26
      Brookefield, NY (Shire of Coppertree)

      Here ye now both song and tale of gallantry once more in the wide
      vast hills of Coppertree. In this our second act, again we call ye
      performers back. Singers, tale-spinners, dancers and even mime come
      once more for a wonderous time!

      The Shire of Coppertree invites all to Jugglers, Tumblers and Bards
      II. Once again this will be held at the Madison County Fairgrounds,
      Brookfield NY (no street address). This year we will have classes
      beginning at 10 am on all varieties of performance as well as a
      unique bardic competition in the evening! Anyone who wishes to teach
      any form of performance should contact the autocrat, Bjorn Swiftaxe
      (Mark Grass, 17 Watkins Ave, Camden, NY 13316, at
      Snaebjornr@... or at 315-750-0909 after 9 pm Eastern standard

      We are also proud to say that we will be having hound coursing on
      site as well this year. More information concerning this will be
      forthcoming. Duchess Elina Einarsdottir, Kingdom Hound Mistress will
      be coordinating this.

      A "Gold Chain" style of weapons tourneys will also be held Saturday,
      June 25 courtesy of the Order of the Chivalry. The lists will open at
      9 am with an Unbelted Tourney (no Chivalry) starting at 10 am. After
      a break for lunch the activities will continue with the Chivalry
      taking the field to teach their chosen forms in full armour. After
      feast and court there will be an open to all Torchlight Tourney. For
      more information, contact Duke Sir Morguhn at
      315-855-4402{8:00-10:00pm}or write: John C. Glenn 6419 Co Hwy 18 West
      Winfield NY, 13491, or e-mail: sirmorguhn@....

      The feast this year will be from the combined efforts of our own
      Baron Master Daniel del Cavallo and Lady Wynn Ravenlocke. The cost of
      feast is 6 dollars. For dietary concerns contact Lady Wynn Ravenlocke
      (Katie Grass) at Wynnowl@... or at 315-245-0324. A light lunch
      board will be available to all.

      Merchants are also encouraged and welcome to attend as there is
      plenty of outdoor space available. You will need to provide your own
      tables and cover.

      Pets are welcome so long as they are on leashes (when not coursing).
      And please clean up after them.

      The fees for the event are 15 dollars for the weekend, 8 dollars for
      day trip and 6 dollars for the feast. Children 6-12 will be half
      price and babes in arms (5 and under) will be free. For reservations
      contact Elwyn Stone (Susan Schiffer) at 9658 Elpis Rd. Camden, NY
      13316 or call 315-245-3596 between 9am and 10pm.

      Take your best route to Utica, Follow Rte 8 South out of Utica (going
      out of town, Rte 8 will take a left. Just Follow the SIGNS for Rte 8
      South) After 10-12 miles you will come to the intersection of Rte. 8
      and Rte 20. You are now about 8 miles from the site. Continue on Rte
      8 South(about 3.5 miles). Look for Skaneateles Turnpike. It will be a
      right turn (SCA sign). Follow Skaneateles Turnpike (about 4 miles)
      until you come into Brookfield. Look for SCA Signs on the right and
      turn right onto Fairgrounds Rd, follow SCA signs from there.

      I am the Shadowstorm. The shadows of my mind rage and crash with the fury of a storm. Starwind lights my way and keeps me safe in her arms. Mynx is My love and passion and shall hold My heart forever safe in hers as I hold her's safe in Mine.

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