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[pmjs] extract of "Hyouhanki" (Modified by Michael Watson) (fwd)

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  • Ii Saburou
    ... I ve uploaded extracts from the diary Hyohanki to my web site: http://www.furugosho.com/inseiki/hyohanki/index.htm Hyouhanki or Heihanki is the diary
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2005
      This may be of interest to some. It is in Japanese, though:

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      I've uploaded extracts from the diary "Hyohanki" to my web site:

      "Hyouhanki" or "Heihanki" is the diary in Chinese by Taira Nobunori (1112-87),
      who served the Regent Fujiwara Tadamichi and witnessed the Hougen disturbance
      (Hougen no ran) in the seven month, 1156. For this reason, the entries from
      "Hyohanki" are known as the most important historical source to study the
      events of the Hougen disturbance.

      This time, I have input the most important entries from 1155 and 1156.
      As well as giving an account of the Hougen disturbance, these contain
      descriptions of the deaths and the funerals of Emperor Konoe and the abdicated
      Emperor Toba, and the accession to the throne of Emperor Goshirakawa, with the
      details of the rites and their expenses.

      I hope this text contribute to your study of the history of late Heian period.
      Takio Sugawara


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