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Re: Musashi - Another Sighting of Japanese Shield?

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  • James Eckman
    ... His paintings are a bit eccentric as well even though they are very powerfully executed. I suspect he really wasn t a follower of anyone else s lead.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2005
      sca-jml@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      > From: "Scott" <sdsweetland@...>
      >No need to apologize it was my fault for being so clumsy as to fail
      >to make my point clear in the first place. To clarify further, it is
      >a personal theory of mine that Musashi's physical attributes and "win
      >at any cost" approach enabled him to use a sword effectively with one
      >hand even WITHOUT proper cutting technique.
      His paintings are a bit eccentric as well even though they are very
      powerfully executed. I suspect he really wasn't a follower of anyone
      else's lead. Probably one of his more noticeable traits in Japan!

      >I agree though, it is a paradox that while Musashi is one of the most
      >popular and widely recognised Japanese historical figures, he is
      >greatly misunderstood in general.
      Billy the Kid? etc.

      > From: Ii Saburou <logan@...>
      >Oh, and also of some interest: apparently Musashi is more well-known and
      >revered in the West than in Japan.
      We haven't done any movie trilogies or year-long mini-series about him,
      I think you and your friends are far more knowledgeable about Japan than
      most people. It might lead to a slight bias ;)

      >A friend who went to the reigendo at
      >the cave where he is supposed to have composed Go Rin no Sho told me that
      >many people living in the nearby town didn't even know what it was.
      The average Japanese seems to be about as interested in history as the
      average American, i.e. only slightly.

      > From: Anthony Bryant <ajbryant@...>
      >Subject: Re: Re: Books on Samurai Armour Making
      >ah, thanks for that. I was waiting to hear back some results before responding
      >on it. I've sent them an e-mail, and this is what came back:
      >"I Have never seen your website, Your website is not the only one on the net
      >carrying these images, Permission was asked by the donor site before placing the
      >images on this website."
      >Hm. So I pointed out that I actually did do them, and asked him to check through
      >his files and find out where they got them. I'm waiting to hear back.
      Especially since the website credits YOU!!!

      Jim Eckman
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