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Re: fur shoes

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  • Otagiri Tatsuzou
    ... http://www.sengokudaimyo.com/katchu/katchu.ch15.html http://rhinohide.cx/tousando/img/ebay/eb_kegutsu_index.html
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 26, 2004
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      --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, "S. David Lee" <ogamibusho@y...> wrote:
      > I'm making kegetsu, or fur-covered boots, for myself and my
      > squires. I'm having a devil of a time finding images and solid
      > documentation for mid to late momoyama period. Could anyone out
      > there point me in the right direction?
      > -Ogami


      The Tanki Yoriaku (written about 1735) has an entry for them:
      "Kegutsu and momi-tabi are worn only for interviews with noblemen, as
      ordinary socks with sandals or bare feet are very vulgar"

      A Gakken books I have (ISBN4-05-602415-4) (I think the title is 118
      Sengoku Warlords) shows portraiture of several daimyou wearing
      kegutsu. To name them: Nobunao Nanbu, Kagetsunne Katakura, Yoshinobu
      Satake, Douan Ohta, Terumasa Ikeda, Yasumasa Sakakibara. The portraits
      do not appear modern, but I cannot provide firm dates.

      Otagiri Tatsuzou
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