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Re: Japanese A&S

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  • Heidi Lyn
    ... I don t care to have my work evaluated by someone who is ... practiced intimidation to get her laurel , if what I have seen ... own small box. I don t
    Message 1 of 152 , Oct 1, 2004
      > For Heidi,
      > FWIW, I've won enough mundane awards for my needlework & knitting, that
      I don't care to have my work evaluated by someone who is
      > that prejudiced and insecure. I'd put money down that she probably
      practiced intimidation to get her 'laurel', if what I have seen
      > here holds true. Folks like that are very brittle about something out of their
      own small box. I don't even like looking into a
      > box, much less living in one. Shudder.

      Actually, I have never experienced the wretched Eurocentrism that other
      honored list members have described in this thread. Everyone I remember
      interacting with has either been very supportive or simply wanted to know
      how I keep my trees alive.

      It is entirely possible, however, that this is due to my (very strongly
      established) tendency to simply ignore people who I believe are simply
      narrow-minded. If someone attempted to make me feel badly for choosing a
      Japanese art, it is entirely possible that I simply dismissed them as not worth
      my attention (Laurel or no).

      I share the frustration of those who would like to see the changes within the
      society, but I also have to back Makiwara in that I don't believe it is completely
      neccessary. I also believe that there are those in any society who will try to
      make you feel bad about your choices no matter what you do. (Just as an
      example, my boyfriend has a 15th century Italian persona and get all kinds of
      grief for being a fop, etc., also note the tendency for people to giver greif
      because something is just "barely" in period - in period is in period - isn't it?)

      I like presenting my work because I can dismiss anything negative and focus
      on those who come by and exclaim with delight and those who stop and pry
      the equivalent of a one hour lecture out of me in 10 minutes! They make it all


      > I like doing well and being happy, despite the lack of approval and all
      attempts to intimidate. Once they've realized that their
      > intended prey won't knuckle under, they'll go feed on someone else.
      > So, do well regardless; satisfy your own sense of accomplishment, live by
      your own standards. In doing so, you will rise above the
      > mediocre in spirit and in action.
      > Rizii
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      > From: Date Saburou Yukiie
      > This goes to show me that the odds are still stacked against us
      > Jappos...and it is all the more reason why we should keep fighting to
      > get Non-Euro persona accepted...
      > I say bung to the Euro-trash...and hope art minded people will see
      > the effort some of us "Asians" put into our work...
      > Sigh...
      > Still...everyone keep plugging...perhaps one day we will get there...
      > Date, who is tired of Western Bigotry....
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      > > >Actually, the "Laurel's prize tourney" that I was referring to is
      > a bit of
      > > >a spin on
      > > >the "artisan's displays" that I have participated in
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    • Ii Saburou
      O-tanjobi ni omedetou gozaimasu! (*Happy Birthday!) 229 years--older than the nation (yup, 11/10/1775). ;) -Ii
      Message 152 of 152 , Nov 10, 2004
        O-tanjobi ni omedetou gozaimasu! (*Happy Birthday!)

        229 years--older than the nation (yup, 11/10/1775). ;)


        On Wed, 10 Nov 2004, Date Saburou Yukiie wrote:

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        > Konnichi wa, tomodachi,
        > I would like to extend a solemn bow, and a warm handshake to those of
        > you on this fine list whose birthday it is today - members of the
        > fine fighting unit and band of brothers known as United States
        > Marines, past and present.
        > Happy birthday, and Semper Fidelis, Marines.
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