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Re: [SCA-JML] literature

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    ... Wunnerful! Thanks. (We ll be looking for you...) Effingham
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 1, 2000
      markejag@... wrote:

      > ajbryant@... writes:
      > << BTW, what's the schedule with the camp? When is the siter-master/mistress
      > going to arrive at Pennsic? I plan on arriving this Saturday evening, so I'd
      > like to know about setting up and so forth. >>
      > Not sure, as I won't be there until the 12th, but I heard that the Juro
      > (Haakon Oaktall) and/or the Hamamoto (Alanna) will be there Friday for the
      > land grab and should have the clan diagram for the whole weekend.

      Wunnerful! Thanks.

      (We'll be looking for you...)

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