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Re: Border raids just around the corner

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  • brothervalarien
    My appologies, I posted that message while in a rush trying to get too many things acomplished at once, and forgot to include important details... Border Raids
    Message 1 of 4 , May 20, 2004
      My appologies, I posted that message while in a rush trying to get
      too many things acomplished at once, and forgot to include important
      details... Border Raids is as the name implies, a border skirmish
      between the Midrealm, and Meridies. It is held at the end of June,
      and is being held at Camp Carlson near Fort Knox, Elizibeth Town Ky.
      This year it is being hosted by the Midrealm.

      traditional activities include:
      Heavy weapons combat (imagine that... a war with heavy fighting<G>)
      Combat Archery
      Target Archery
      usualy thrown weapons compition as well
      A&S compition
      Greyhound coursing
      camp to camp party hopping for those interested
      midrealm and meridian courts
      and general socializing.

      I am including a URL of the border raids website so you can find more
      detailed information as needed.


      hope to see some of you there.

      --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, scadragon@j... wrote:
      > Where and when are the Border Raids?
      > Sounds intresting....
      > Tochiro
      > On Thu, 20 May 2004 19:23:22 -0000 "brothervalarien"
      > <mattlew@b...> writes:
      > > as an open question to all of japanese persona (prety much the
      > > majority of the list)
      > >
      > > I was wondering, who was going to be in atendance at border raids
      > > this year, and of those who would be interested in forming a JML
      > > japanese encampment.
      > >
      > > at this timne I will most likely be there, and possibly have one
      > > two guests in tow. one says he is interested in doing japanese,
      > >
      > > I am going to loan him some garb and take him along, the other
      > > he is unsure if he wants to go samurai or viking... he may end up
      > > doing both.
      > >
      > > my personal camp gear is mundane, so I am not pushing for a
      > > encampment<G> but I think it would be great to get people
      > > at
      > > the event. then again I am something of a social creature... a
      > > numbewr of years ago "the" SCA channel for IRC formed a pseudo
      > > household for the purpose of meeting at events and getting to
      > > each other off line. they even came up with a badge and
      > > everything...
      > > I don't know if that idea held long as I have never again seen
      > > a "silver channel" badge or banner, but most of us don't realy
      > > a
      > > badge to show our involvement in JML... our very garb shows us to
      > >
      > > japanese... that is enough to warrent getting to meet and see
      > > eachother.
      > >
      > > I know most of you only realy look at pennsic as an opretunity to
      > > see
      > > eachother, but there are many wars each year, including gulfwars,
      > > border raids, estrella (o.k. I won't be making an estrella any
      > > soon, but others do) and I appologize, but I don't know the wars
      > >
      > > west, or the smaller border skirmishes throughout the known world.
      > >
      > > as I side note... I believe these type gatherings are THE best
      > > to
      > > meet others from the group, and if more japanese are camped
      > >
      > > others are likely to come out of the woodwork and seak us out...
      > > for other reasons I believe these are a good idea to form new
      > > friendships... that silverchannel encampment so many years ago
      > > happens to be where I met my laural.
      > >
      > > yoshimasa
      > >
      > >
      > >
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