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Re:Happy Spring; Information on gA Thousand Years of Love.h

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  • Debbiesan2000
    Note-This is not spam and I am a member of this Yahoo group;this post falls under the general category of Japanese culture Dear fellow Yahoo Group members and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2004
      Note-This is not spam and I am a member of this Yahoo
      group;this post falls under the general category of Japanese culture

      Dear fellow Yahoo Group members and friends of Japanese
      traditional and pop culture,

      I hope you are all enjoying the warm spring
      weather!"A Thousand Years of Love" is now available at
      different bookstores in Japan. Below are bookstores in

      Japan/USA where you can buy the book/or will be
      available in the near future. Please contact me for
      exact availability dates as they appear.


      Trafford Publishing

      On all Amazon International sites, including
      Japan, the UK and Canada; if it says "out of stock"
      for some reason, please contact me.
      www.amazon.com www.amazon.co.jp
      you can find it by doing an author or title
      search by pen name-Avia Belle Moon

      Borders Books,(now teamed with Amazon)
      www.borders.com(will automatically load onto
      amazon page.)

      Barnes and Nobles

      Chapters Indigo in Canada

      From beginning to mid May-

      1)Borders Books
      900 State Street
      Santa Barbara, CA

      For now Until July 2004-

      2)Junkudo Books-Osaka main branch, in the
      Abanza Building, close to Osaka JR station.
      and Nishinomiya Kitaguchi branch, in
      Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Station-0798-68-6300

      Kinokuniya Umeda Store in Osaka in Umeda Hankyu
      Station-in the near future

      2)Avanti Book Center, on the 6th floor of the
      Fisumi Building, behind Kyoto station-075-682-5031
      Book Signing-June 5th Saturday 3-4pm. First 10 people
      will receive a free postcard of the book cover!

      3)Kintetsu Department Store behind Kyoto
      station, in Ashiya Book store, 5th floor. 075-361-1210

      4)Maruzen Books in central Kyoto, Kawaramachi

      Kinokuniya Shinjuku Minami Store-in the near

      If you don't leave in the above areas
      yourself(and even if you do:)) can you please forward
      this message on to others? Thank you!

      Recent reviews-

      "This book captures the luxury of the Heian era
      very well. The Japanese people love the duality of
      "light and shade," (inyo). The description of
      the color combinations and design of the kimonos, seen
      through light and shadows conveys this feeling very
      well, as similarily expressed in Tanizaki Junichiro's
      book, "The Worship of Shade," (inei raisan.)

      People who are interested in Japanese
      pop/trendy culture will enjoy this book as well, as it
      contains omyoji characters(Chinese master of
      divination) and androgyny seen in girls' manga.
      also felt the book would be suitable to study
      English,as the letter size is very large and easy to
      Setsuko Tamogami, translator

      Author interviews-

      excerpt-"The 'mystery' of this period is
      perhaps one that should or cannot be solved. I tried
      to reveal the 'invisible' or 'the shade' as well
      as 'the light.' We should not only look at the
      tree but its reflection as well."


      Attention to all those studying English!
      Eikai no gakushusha no minasan!

      "A Thousand Years of Love" may be a very useful
      and enjoyable way to study English, with its large
      print, easy to read style and short length,
      suitable for the following levels-

      English Step Test
      Pre first level to First level
      Eiken jun1 kyu-1kyu TOEIC score 800 and up-you
      can read this book without a dictionary

      Level Two
      Eiken 2kyu TOEIC score 500-600 - very suitable
      to your English level

      Eiken jun 2kyu TOEIC score 300-400 -a little
      difficult but please challenge yourself:)

      Thanks for listening and have a great day!

      Please forward!


      Oydssea Press-your entry into modern and
      ancient Japan
      Fiction and non-fiction on both ancient and
      modern Japan

      Scheduled for Release in Winter 2005-

      A psychopathic manga (comic book) artist stalks
      a model in Tokyo in THE MIRROR CRACKED

      (if you would like to see the flash/sound
      version, please go to
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