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with appology for being radicly off topic here

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  • Matt L
    seeing as how I am almost vibrating with anticipation... I have been using the same computer (pentium-MMX/233) for the last 6-7 years it is old, barely
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2 7:25 PM
      seeing as how I am almost vibrating with anticipation...

      I have been using the same computer (pentium-MMX/233) for the last 6-7
      years it is old, barely adiquate, and dieing for a number of years, I have
      finaly gotten around to replacing it. I have been a certified computer tech
      for the better part of a decade now, (though I left the computer industry
      save for sideline work) saddly while I have upgraded computer after
      computer for friends and friends of friends, I have neglected my own
      computer for years. (something about shoemakers children comes to mind)

      well anyway as of late my computer has become increasingly unstable... I
      finaly got anoyed with it this morning before I went to my regular job
      (customer service) and pulled the case. I discovered the true cause of my
      computers dificulties.(aside from being plain old outdated) it seems that
      not only has the PSU fan died, but the processor heatsink fan as well... I
      am truely amaised that it ran at all working on only a undersized (read
      stock) heatsink... guess it is not such a worthless old um well anyway...
      on to the true reason for my excitement...

      I finaly broke down a month ago and started planning a high end modded
      computer that I could be proud to take to a LAN party, thus was born my
      latest project.

      over the last few days I ordered the remaining parts (ordered a couple of
      them a week or two ago, and am expecting them any day)... I have now
      recieved shipping confirmation on all but my memory...


      once the case arives, the long process of painting the case exterior,
      interior, and framework will begin. then there is painting elements of the
      motherboard video card, and parts of the monster heatsink I bought,
      installing some replacement fans, and interior lighting. oh the wonderful
      projects that this comp are going to be...

      just do not fail to remind me to work on my armor... which reminds me... I
      still have not recieved those samples I requested from L4L... if I am to
      have any prayer of getting my armor done in time for border raids I must
      start hassling them about getting my color samples.

      <mutters under his breath> "it's about time"

      sorry for taking up your bandwidth. for those few on the list who are
      actualy interested in this post, please do not compound my transgression by
      responding to this in the list.

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