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Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Tanka at 20 paces? was Mistaken identity

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  • Tace of Foxele
    ... Well, it s nice to know it s warm somewhere. ;-D I m trying to remember warm....nope, can t do it.... it s snowing again.... ... Not too soon, I fear.
    Message 1 of 11 , Mar 10, 2004
      At 09:59 PM 3/10/2004 +0000, The Lady of the Balsa Fan wrote:

      >You know, I TRY not to irritate people with local weather reports,
      >but it's been really nice here this week.

      Well, it's nice to know it's warm somewhere. ;-D I'm trying to remember
      warm....nope, can't do it.... it's snowing again....

      >Though chill winds harry
      >The river's tall guardians,
      >They must soon retreat
      >Before the march of the sun
      >And the victory of spring.

      Not too soon, I fear.
      The Snow Queen's icy fingers
      Will not loose their hold.
      The harbingers of springtime
      Have not yet come to greet us.

      There is no cause for sorrow.
      On the Calontir Frontier,
      Winter is our Friend.
      In my silk-clad lover's arms
      I find warm shelter.

      (Okay, so he's Norse. But they wore silk, too, sometimes.)

      --Ki no Torahime

      Riverwatch, Calontir
      Come visit our first event on April 24th!!!
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