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Re: "The Samurai" on the History Channel

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  • Yama Kaminari no Date Saburou Yukiie
    ... generally ... Japan Caledonia teases me because I do the same thing, and she sits across from me and goes... Yea...blablabla Mr Samurai Guy!!! ... shots
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 29, 2004
      > Aine and I had fun sitting down and correcting the narrator, and
      > drooling over the really nice bits that they have because it is in

      Caledonia teases me because I do the same thing, and she sits across
      from me and goes..."Yea...blablabla Mr Samurai Guy!!!"

      > (although I noticed that they had non-Japanese in about as many
      shots as
      > they could, which I figured was to help with the American audience).

      Well, as you can tell from TLS, Japan has been crawling with Americans
      since Ensign Perry landed in Hakata bay back in the Heian Jidai...

      The shots of the Takeda recreation group, and the Sekigahara support
      footage looks cool...all that smoke and nobori waving! (nobori in a
      cavalry charge? A few look a little helter-skelter...)

      > I also liked how they used the picture off of the cover of "The
      Samurai in
      > Pictures" (?I'm blanking and can't find the book now) where the sode on
      > the armor are worn backwards. Really kind of funny.

      Yea - I cought that one!...

      There was one great looking shot of an archer in armor, kabuto, and
      hoate, standing in Kai, with a proper low cheek draw...sometimes hard
      on sturu, but a great pic!

      > Okay, so when do we all get together and make a documentary for them?
      > ;)

      Now there is a hell of an idea! We could probably take the same
      footage they used and put together a show that might be better...at,
      oh, half the budget they had...and of course we have to do a Castle
      Site tour...and some shopping...

      I'm in on it if you are...and anyone else on this list!
      Lets write em!

      > -Ii
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