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Re: Marinus Investiture

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  • Brian Cox
    Well, I figured as much. But, like I said, it s not like I live in California. I m certain we can hook up somewhere, sometime. I appreciate the offers for garb
    Message 1 of 22 , Nov 20, 2003
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      Well, I figured as much. But, like I said, it's not like I live in
      California. I'm certain we can hook up somewhere, sometime. I
      appreciate the offers for garb and such, and a possible dinner
      somewhere sounds great. If we can't iron things out, I'm sure we'll
      eventually meet at an event anyway! Speaking of which, I have a list
      of upcoming events in my own Barony, but nothing for surrounding
      areas. If you guys are planning anything in the near future, be sure
      to post it here, or send the time/date to me and I'll try to drop by.
      Thanks again, Kiri-san.
      Brian Cox

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      > Probably stopping by and not being in garb wouldn't be a good
      thing. You would need to pay at least the site fee and you should be
      in garb...not a problem as we can at least lend you a tunic to throw
      over your head. But I'm not sure how you'll feel about paying to be
      onsite for such a short time.
      > I'm not sure when we'll be going to another event. We'll probably
      go to Twelfth Night the first weekend in January (in North Carolina),
      but haven't really made plans beyond that. We're taking a little
      time off as we just stepped down and Baron and Baroness of Dun
      Carraig...and we're tired! I dunno...maybe we can meet somewhere for
      dinner or something...what do you think,Ii-dono?
      > Kiri
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      > From: Brian Cox
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      > Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 2:22 PM
      > Subject: [SCA-JML] Re: Marinus Investiture
      > Ii-san and Kiri-san,
      > Thank you both for your kind offers. I have discussed this
      with my
      > wife and with my in-laws, and I've found that time will be a
      > issue. Since this is my wife's birthday- and the BIG 3-OH, I
      > add- there are several things already planned. I would still like
      > come and meet you, but I would be unable to stay for long-
      perhaps an
      > hour at most. Since, I would not be able to participate in any of
      > revelry, I would really be coming just to meet you all. Meaning
      > insult to the local gentry, I would simply not have the time to
      > much. Would it be considered unsulting if I were to just "pop in"
      > a while- check out the various happenings and meet you guys? Garb
      > would probably end up being a hassle for so short a time, so
      could I
      > just come for a while in street clothes? This is a strange
      > so maybe I should just catch you guys next time around. It's not
      > we live 100s of miles apart, I'm sure we'll hook up eventually :-)
      > Arrigato,
      > Brian Cox
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