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  • michael A
    While I understand the comparision you are making, It didn t seem to me that their effect was nearly as strong the moniter s. I say this because based on what
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 19, 2003
      While I understand the comparision you are making, It
      didn't seem to me that their effect was nearly as
      strong the moniter's. I say this because based on what
      ive read the koreans had won a number of the
      engagments without the turtle being present or used in
      other cases.

      My impression for the reason for this is very similar
      to your analysis. Since the koreans ships were fast
      and had cannon for the most part they simply stayed at
      range and used the cannon to good effect since the
      japanese were lacking in that area. While im not a
      sailer the japanese naval tactics and strategy used in
      those battles seemed to leave a lot to be desired.
      They always seemed on step behind Yi. When combining
      that with the ship type as mentioned and lack of
      cannon, it is no wonder their superior numbers were
      not all that effective.

      Im sure the turtles were feared and by accounts quite
      effective. Though it is worth noting they were
      boardable as they needed the cabaility to sail and
      thus did have an exposed deck as well as the spiked
      main area(Thats what you get for being before your
      .....As a side note i know the top was iron clad with
      spikes, but i cant remember if the sides had plating.
      Not too important as the japnese lacked cannon, but
      does anyone recall the constrution of the sides?

      I just dont think they were the primary reason for
      the korean victories as many people seem to assume. It
      is often the new "toy" that gets the credit even when
      it not the real reason for the victory. They simply
      were not the quantum leap that made every other ship
      instantly outdated.


      --- James Eckman <ronin_engineer@...> wrote:
      > From: michael A <kiyokage@...>
      > >> In the period before the late 1500's or so I
      > fairly
      > >> sure that Chinese still were ahead, Europe does
      > go
      > >> crazy at this point and they start building some
      > >> really huge ships though I'd still hate to take
      > any
      > >> ship against those little turtle ships, they
      > might
      > >> have been built heavy enough to stop light cannon
      > >> and they were of shallow draft so they could
      > avoid
      > >> the big stuff if need be!
      > >
      > >
      > > Except from everything ive read the turtle ships
      > were
      > > a very small proportion of the korean navy. Most
      > were
      > > of much more conventional design.
      > True, but these are 1600 period equivalents of
      > Monitors, if you don't have the right equipment to
      > handle them, they would just rip through your fleet.
      > Even conventional ships of the time would be very
      > bad for the Japanese navy, their ships were
      > horrible, mostly small open coasters without cannon!
      > I can see why the Koreans made their ships hard to
      > board though!!! Solves the swarming problem of 10
      > zillion little boats loaded with samurai.
      > Jim
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