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[SCA-JML] Re: long list of questions

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  • darkstarcrashes@mac-addict.com
    many thanks . this will help a lot. in gassho, Carl (still haven t come up with a new persona name :) ) markeja-@aol.com wrote: original
    Message 1 of 37 , Nov 7, 1999
      many thanks <deep bow>. this will help a lot.

      in gassho,
      Carl (still haven't come up with a new persona name :) )

      markeja-@... wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/sca-jml/?start=107
      > Greetings all.
      > A quick reply for Carl.
      > <<1. the garb i have was made by using the folk wear patterns, are
      > period? also, is there anyone out there who makes japanese garb to
      > Folk wear patterns may not be perfectly authentic, but it is a
      good place
      > to start (meaning you can make some good looking garb for the moment,
      > after getting the feel of how the garments are made, try to stitch
      some more
      > period pieces).
      > Some beginner books to look into are:
      > The Book of Kimono, by Norio Yamanaka, she has a nice brief history,
      > on how to tie your hakama and how to fold your clothes (good for
      packing for
      > the War).
      > Make your own Japanese Clothes, by John Marshall, includes sewing
      tips, stays
      > with the period 18 inch width fabric and how to measure and construct
      > this size of weave, no really historical background.
      > Japanese Costume, History and Tradition by Alan Kennedy, Be careful
      with this
      > book, most of the designs are post-period, though in the back section
      > will find Kesa, a Buddhist garment.
      > An SCA gentle from the Midrealm use to make Japanese style
      clothing, as I
      > recall his name if Felix Needleworthy. I can't find his buisness
      card, but
      > if someone on this list knows, maybe they can forward you the
      > Happy sewing!
      > Fumio
    • akimoya
      ... You re right, my bad - do(h)o would be doo , and do(f)u would be dou . See, I learned something already! Akimoya (whou sezs you can t teech an Aulde
      Message 37 of 37 , Nov 10, 1999
        On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, Anthony J. Bryant wrote:

        > > OK, so "Do itashimashite" is actually "Do(h)o itashimshite", and should be
        > > spelled "Dou itashimashite"?
        > Not quite. TODAY it is "dou". A century ago, it was spelled "dofu" but
        > pronounced "dou." MANY MANY MANY centuries ago, it WAS pronounced "dofu," or
        > so they think.

        You're right, my bad - "do(h)o" would be "doo", and "do(f)u" would be

        See, I learned something already!

        (whou sezs you can't teech an Aulde Phart noo trix?)
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