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[SCA-JML] Re: Japanese language classes at Pennsic

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  • Takewara no Ken'ichiro Yoshinobu
    anthony j. bryant wrote: original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/sca-jml/?start=1003 ... If I m not there, it s because I m
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 30, 2000
      "anthony j. bryant" <ajbryan-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/sca-jml/?start=1003
      > I have a couple of question for the members of the list;
      > First: How many of you are planning to hit Pennsic this year?

      If I'm not there, it's because I'm dead. And I'll drag my
      mouldering corpse there if I have to.

      > Second: Do you think there would be any interest in a Japanese
      > class at the War (or, in other terms, would you be interested in
      > attending a Japanese language class at Pennsic)?

      Yes, but could you do a handout this time? Please? (I really
      wanted one on the garb class...)

      > I'm thinking of adding a class or two to my schedule, one of them
      > "basic SCA Japanese" (some of which overlaps the etiquette -- i.e.,
      > do I call that fellow? -- class) that would cover basic greetings and
      > terminology and grammar for simple Japanese use in SCA settings.

      I assume that this class will re-address some of the things in the
      CA, as well as correct a few of the errors there-in?

      > I'm also considering the possibility of a brief intro class on
      > Japanese, for which a modicum of basic Japanese ability would
      > *definitely* come in handy.
      > What do you think of the viability of such courses?
      > Effingham

      I would go to the first class, but the second would be of no use
      to me yet. Give me about five years, and then we can see.

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