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9946Re: [SCA-JML] Re: My Mon, can it get passed?

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  • Donald J. Luby
    Jul 8, 2003
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      On Wednesday, July 9, 2003, at 12:28 AM, Jason Silver wrote:

      > Greetings again Sir Koredono
      >> Well, when I got around to submitting, I was assured (by said local
      >> heralds who became our kingdom submissions heralds) that the process
      >> had gotten better, and more streamlined, and should take 6 - 9 months,
      >> barring any problem with my submission. I don't know what (if
      >> anything) you may have been told in that regard, so I thought you
      >> should be informed as to the *real* processing time range.
      > I thank you for this.. I can only hope that the process goes smoothly..

      Well, if your mon is well-designed, and has no conflicts, it shouldn't
      have any bumps along the road.

      >> Yeah, I'd been using my mon for about 10 years, and told it should
      >> pass
      >> with no problems from heralds at all levels of the society (a former
      >> Laurel Queen of Arms is in my local group); it was only the
      >> documentation of my name which caused the delay, and I got badgered to
      >> finally submit about 2 years after I'd gotten all of my name
      >> information taken care of.
      > Isn't it funny how that goes? In talking to a friend of mine from
      > another Kingdom, he was telling me that one of the local fighters
      > became king, it was interesting to watch he said because as he did
      > become king, those around him scrambled and before the end of his
      > term they had the device and his name registered..

      I wondered how they managed that - from what I'd been told, the biggest
      hold up recently (past two years or so) has been at the Laurel level;
      as an example, they sat on the results of the meeting where my mon and
      name were decided on for 4 months before telling *anyone* the results
      of that meeting, and I have no idea whether that's gotten any better.
      So while they may have rushed to get it through *internally*, the
      external process they have little to no control over.

      > Funny how that goes! LOL Hmm, Wonder what it would be like to be in
      > that seat...
      > Naa, I have enough to deal with my young daughter :)

      Wise decision, IMO.

      >> Well, Solveig's in this list, maybe she can help you; I have a copy of
      >> her book, but I know she understands such things much better than I.
      >>> Maybe we can do a quick run down, Persona, 4th son of the family,
      >>> born
      >>> in 1432 and sent abroad to learn and become a great leader.
      >>> Name : Takeda Imakawa Shirou Yoshitaka, now in recent chats with a
      >>> friend he told me that I would not formally announce that I am apart
      >>> of the Takeda Clan, and as such it should be Imakawa Shirou
      >>> Yoshitaka,
      >>> but he believed it should be Imakawa Shirou no Yoshitaka..
      >> Well, that *sounds* pretty good to me, but I'm sure that Solveig (and
      >> Effingham) will have a far more informed opinion than I, and will
      >> probably will share it with you.
      > I do hope, but if not, that is ok, I am working on getting all my
      > books together to make a good stab at it and get it done..

      Good luck.

      >> What an excellent motivation! I was lucky, having been originally
      >> squired to a European knight who already had a Japanese squire, and
      >> then transferred to the head of the largest Japanese household in the
      >> SCA (Sir Ogami Akira, of Clan Yama Kaminari), as well as apprenticed
      >> to
      >> a Laurel, who, while primarily interested in Italian Renaissance
      >> costuming, had done a good bit of research and interest in Japanese
      >> costuming as well.
      > I think I must ask, are you apart of Clan Yama Kaminari?

      Yes, I am (it even says so in my .sig), and have been for many (11?
      12?) years, ever since my first knight left the SCA and transferred me
      to a more active knight before he was gone for good.

      > If you are I have looked at your web site many times and dearly love
      > it!

      I will pass that along to our hatamoto - she maintains the site, as
      well as does all of our clan paperwork and bookkeeping (including being
      our Pennsic land agent). We all chip in with submissions of various
      sorts to the site, as fits our own knowledge and interest, but she
      rides herd on all of us!

      > I have a real love for the encampment you have all built, if I could
      > ask,
      > maybe you could post some pictures of that encampment here as a
      > inspiration for the rest of us to make bigger and better
      > encampments..

      Well, we have pics of it on the site (www.nb.net/~kmeg/kaminari), will
      probably have more after Pennsic; I wouldn't want to suck up bandwidth
      by posting images to the group, though.

      > Also, if you are apart of the group, I need to ask, the hats that I
      > see many of the guys wearing, what are those called and where do you
      > get them?

      If you mean the rounded ones, that look like an inverted fruit bowl,
      I'm afraid I can't really help you. One of my former squire brothers,
      when he was stationed in Japan in the Navy, went to a specialty store
      to acquire them. He has since, some years ago, been transferred back
      to the states, so our source is gone.

      > I have your basic conical style but don't really feel that
      > it fits me or my look so well.. In truth I would love another style
      > of hat (don't know the correct name for it), but it is the style that
      > goes completely over your head only leaving a small window in front
      > that looks like a bunch of bamboo bars (in theory, hiding the face)..
      > Just seems more my style LOL.. (better to hide me then see me I think
      > LOL)

      I would enjoy one of those myself, but I suspect that'd be even harder
      to find than we ones we got.

      >> I know that in many areas, Japanese (or even all non-mainline Western
      >> European) personae are given trouble - I've heard many a story of
      >> people who wanted Japanese personae, but were told by the
      >> 'knowledgeable old-timers' in their group that such was 'not allowed'
      >> in the SCA. So, the best answer really is to just be a good example,
      >> an informed source of information, and role model for other new
      >> people.
      > I know when I first joined the SCA and started talking to people and
      > they asked about my persona and I mentioned Japanese, I really got a
      > lot of negative feed back.. After a year a found that a lot of those
      > who had given me that feed back had left the SCA for it was not what
      > they wanted, and those that had supported me in it where still
      > around.. To this day, those that DID support the idea are still
      > around and I am very happy to see that..

      Well, that is very lucky for you; believe me, not everyone is so
      fortunate. I know that no-one local to me when I was joining really
      had any issues (that they brought up to me) about my persona choice,
      but I live in a pretty mellow and liberal group; there's a lot of
      serious research and authenticity that goes on here, but by and large
      we don't rain on each others' parades if it just happens to not suit
      our personal preferences (so long as it's not *completely* ridiculous,
      like elves, vampires, and other fantasy creatures).

      > Jason
      > Imakawa Shirou no Yoshitaka

      Sir Koredono

      Don Luby Magariki Katsuichi no
      Koredono, KSCA
      Pittsburgh, PA Debatable Lands,
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