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9736Re: Kesho-Mawashi? and sumo story

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  • Yama Kaminari no Date Saburou Yukiie
    Jun 1 1:39 AM
      as a postscript i found
      > out when I got back to the ship that the whole tornement had been
      shown live
      > all over japan.

      Out of curiosity, what year was this? I have seen this play enacted
      out a few times...(...with all respects to those involved... )

      I know the origins of sumo are slightly older than the 1600's...but I
      do not know when the rules were codefied...if a (demi)period demo
      could be had at Pennsic...I would enjoy it...and participate, perhaps...

      Not all of the participants at the school I lived near were of
      "supposedly" traditional sumo perportions...all makes, sizes, and
      models of wrestler were covered... (or uncovered, as it were...)

      The spirit was fierce, and the enthusiasm of the sumo-tori, as well as
      the crowd watching were grand!!!

      Perhaps a not weapon, martial convention might be adopted within the
      SCA...dare we hope?

      more thoughts from a Northern Samurai in service to a greater whole...

      - Date no Saburou Yukiie...
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