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940[SCA-JML] Upcoming Kurosawa documentary

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  • Ron Martino
    Mar 12, 2000
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      Of likely interest to folks here -

      Daily Variety

      March 09, 2000

      SECTION: NEWS; Pg. 10

      LENGTH: 73 words

      HEADLINE: NHK sets Kurosawa documentary

      BYLINE: Tad Osaki

      TOKYO --- Japanese pubcaster NHK will make a documentary about the
      and works of director Akira Kurosawa, which will be co-produced by the
      and WNET, Jun Kawakami, director general of NHK told Daily Variety.

      "Kurosawa" will be completed in November at a cost of 203 million yen ($
      million) for worldwide release in high definition TV format in December.
      two-hour documentary will make use of footage from Kurosawa's many

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