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93[SCA-JML] Re: Armor

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  • fsjlb4
    Oct 29, 1999
      >===== Original Message From sca-jml@egroups.com =====
      >In a message dated 10/29/99 5:27:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time, fsjlb4@...
      >> I also have a photocopy of a print of a samurai putting on the armour from
      >> start to finish, but I can't remember what book it came from: I believe
      >> was from Arms and Armour of the Samurai,
      >I think the book might be "Secrets of the Samurai" by Oscar Ratti and Adele
      >Westbrook. Inside it has pictures and a description of a samurai putting on
      >armor.Could that be the one you are thinking of?

      That could be it; the one I have is a two or three pages long, and was
      completely in black and white drawings. I can't remember if it was something
      that I photocopied to help me remember or if it was something my friend, our
      local armourer, gave to me to assist me with my conceptualization of the
      armour that I wanted to make.

      Either way, I still recommend "Arms and Armour of the Samurai," whether or not
      it has that particular tidbit of information.

      -Godric Logan
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