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9236Re: [SCA-JML] Seperate questions about armour

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Mar 5 3:55 AM
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      Ash Smith wrote:

      > Well when I was ordering my plastic I ask around and the general consensus
      > was 1/4" ... perhaps I wasn't clear that I was going to be making kozane
      > hehe.

      That would be a difference. <G>

      > But it's too late now, it's already paid for and partially cut... perhaps I
      > should stop while I don't have much of the kozane cut, and do Kiritsuke
      > Zane?

      That's what I'd use plastic of those dimensions for, yes... assuming it's
      flexible enough that it wouldn't shatter. Remember that cutting down the ribs
      for kiritsuke-zane would weaken the plastic, and if your plastic is the brittle
      kind, it could shatter on you and ruin all that effort. If you can cut a lame
      section and waffle it around a bit without it snapping, it should be safe for

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