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9206Re: [SCA-JML] Seperate questions about armour

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  • Donald J. Luby
    Mar 2, 2003
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      On Monday, March 3, 2003, at 12:12 AM, Ash Smith wrote:

      > After actually cutting and working with some of my kozane today, I am
      > a little concerned that I will not be able to readily feel shots
      > through my armor.

      First off, regardless of whether it's a true issue or not, it's always
      good to see such concern.`

      > Currently I wear minimal armor, plus a chest and back plate... chest
      > is a single layer of black barrel (one piece), and the back is leather
      > squares "sewn" together beside one an other (no overlap) then it has a
      > thin packing quilt taped inside.
      > (Then covered by a tabard so that it doesn't look so horrible)
      > But my new armor , with the kozane overlap is going to be over 1/2"
      > thick! (1/4" ABS overlapped + thickness from lacing).

      I used to wear yoroi of one piece of barrel plastic for each major
      plate (breast, back, sides) with some kusizuri hanging off, and
      large-ish sode - not too ugly, very functional. I switched (at least
      for events) to 3/8" ABS about 6 months ago, with double thickness where
      the banding overlaps (and doubly so where the two side plates overlap),
      with lots more lacing. While it's a bit thicker, the change has never
      presented me with that much of an issue.

      > Anyway, I currently tell a good/light shot by feeling the force and
      > sting through my armor (or feeling it where I have no armor :P ), and
      > am worried that I won't properly call others' shots with what looks
      > like it is going to be some massive armor hehe.

      I usually take any body shots that hit clean and square, and appeared
      to have been thrown with reasonable force and technique, so the only
      shots that I don't take either glance off, don't really reach me (usu.
      because one or both of us are moving) or are just thrown badly with no
      force behind them.

      > Any thoughts on this matter?

      At your first few practices (and even events) in your new armor, tell
      your opponents "I've just switched style and protectiveness of armor;
      if you think I'm not taking shots like I should, please let me know, so
      I can gauge them better in my new harness". This will cause your
      opponents to think that you're not a rhino, and more importantly, that
      you're trying to actively not become a rhino; most people will help you
      in this as much as possible. And, with time, you'll get a feel for
      what your old calibration was, w/t your new harness.

      > Thanks,
      > Ash

      Sir Koredono

      Don Luby Magariki Katsuichi no
      Koredono, KSCA
      Pittsburgh, PA Debatable Lands,

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