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9198Re: [SCA-JML] Seperate questions about armour

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  • Ii Saburou
    Mar 2, 2003
      On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Ash Smith wrote:

      > What type of Brass, and what size did you use? How "dent resistant" has it
      > been for you?
      > Thanks,
      > Ash

      I recall it was really light--strips that you could pick up in the
      hardware store and tin snips could cut and shape for me. The brass has
      proven fairly dent resistant where it is riveted on, but the 18 ga steel
      has not. Then again, I am in Atlantia and have had some pretty hard blows
      thrown against the thing (NOTE: even though it dented, I only felt a bit
      of movement and herd the 'clang' to know it was good--I didn't have to
      judge any but a few of the tip shots on the edges of the arm and leg
      armour to tell that anything was 'good')

      The current suit requires massive reworking, however. I hope to be
      fighting again, soon, but I then am thinking about doing a completely new
      dou, just because the one I have right now is not good for regular SCA
      Combat armour.

      I'm really starting to think, especially with the new rule that a Japanese
      persona should probably consider:

      First armour: Do it out of heavy stainless steel. Use large, solid
      plates and hold them together with STRONG hinges, or else use a converted
      European breastplate. Sode and kusazuri should be metal, with minimum
      lacing (sugake odoshi). Make fabric kote (get a nice, small print cotton
      over some padded material) and haidate over yoroi hitatare and hakama to
      hide any necessary bits (eg cowters). Very simple neck protection.

      Second armour: Do whatever you want, and try to make it look as best you
      can like an actual suit of armour.

      The reason I'm thinking this way is because the first armour needs to be
      something that can take a LOT of punishment, but should still look good on
      the field. The second armour is something that you want to make to look
      good in, and will probably only bring out once in a while. Third and
      fourth armourers and you are probably ready to start your own shop ;)

      If anyone has a copy of "Samurai: An Illustrated History" by Mitsuo Kure,
      I think that what that samurai has on (and is wearing improperly, if you
      look at the sode) would probably be better for SCA purposes than what most
      of us WANT to wear.

      -Ii, who has too many projects right now.
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