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9191Re: [SCA-JML] Fighting footwear

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  • Paul Smith
    Mar 1, 2003
      I looked at the instructions for making waraji in the
      file area and at the pictures in some of the links
      that were posted by the thread originator. I really
      get the impression that making my own is the way to
      go. Now the hard part: getting rice straw. Anybody
      know an online source?

      The irony is that I used to live in Northern
      California right in the heart of a major rice-growing
      region. Getting rid of the straw was a hassle for
      them and they would have _loved_ it if I came and took
      as much as I wanted. I don't think there's any rice
      in my current home of Northern Virginia though :-(


      --- Rick Howard <rhoward@...> wrote:


      What you choose to fight in is somewhat dependent upon
      your kingdom of
      residence's regulations on footwear and your personal
      sense of safety as
      well as your personal preferences towards
      authenticity. Be sure to give both
      areas some thought when making your decision.

      I have been fighting in waraji and leather (deerskin)
      tabi for some years.
      The cost is not great as I weave and sew my own. I
      find them comfortable
      but, as you might imagine, they offer no ankle or
      arch support and they are
      decidedly *not* crush resistant (have a care if you
      find yourself in a hard
      press during a bridge battle). If you step in a
      puddle, you will get wet. If
      you step in mud, you will get dirty. If you are
      fighting on waxed gym floor,
      be ready to slide.

      As far as durability go, the elements, the terrain,
      and your activity level
      will determine how long a pair of waraji or tabi will
      last. I went through a
      pair of waraji in three days this past Estrella War
      but have managed to a
      week of Pennsic and beyond in another. They can be
      cheap to make and can be
      made while sitting around the campfire and discussing
      the day's battles.


      Akitsuki Yoshimitsu
      "Wealth and rank are like the clouds, I do not wish
      for such transient
      Barony of Coeur d'Ennui, Kingdom of Calontir

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      Subject: [SCA-JML] Fighting footwear

      > holding pattern untill the supplies get here. Which
      moves me to the
      > question of footwear.
      > I think we are all guility of wearing modern
      footwear at events. I
      > know I personally fight in all leather combat boots.
      And I wear
      > generic modern leather sandals or ugz boots in garb.
      Since I already
      > have a rig I am taking my time with my Japanese
      persona and would
      > like to correct these little details that irk me.
      > My totally undeveloped persona will be Probally
      either Muromachi
      > Period (1333-1568) or Azuchi-Momoyama period
      (1568-1600). This gives
      > me the most armor choices I feel. To my untrained
      eye it looks like
      > just about everyone in Japan wore waraji (or rice
      straw sandals)
      > with tabi socks. Including fulled armored Samurai.
      From what I have
      > read these fall apart in 4 - 5 days. I don't even
      want to think
      > about what happens when the get wet. To make matter
      worst they are
      > very expensive (see links) and have to be imported
      from Japan.

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