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9190Re: [SCA-JML] Seperate questions about armour

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  • sean ibanez
    Feb 28, 2003
      Not that I was asked, but :) ...Speaking from a bit of experience in terms of casting bronze (actually, its silica brass, stronger), you'd have to make the parts pretty thick (I.E: 1/4 inch) to be dent resistant--especially when taking a rattan sword full impact. The good thing is, the thinner the peice, the easier it is to bend back into shape. But the support underneath should help.
      Irobe no Saburo Yoriie.....
      Ash Smith <kobushi@...> wrote:> > I was looking through Effingham's book on 200-1500 Japanese armor and I
      > > noticed many armors have a gold(ish?) trim on them.. I was thinking
      > > this could be done for SCA armor with bronze or maybe brass plate bent
      > > it then (with tiny rivets) riveted on. Any other
      > I used brass, riveted on (not nearly as much as I should have).
      > -Ii

      What type of Brass, and what size did you use? How "dent resistant" has it
      been for you?

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