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9084Re: [SCA-JML] Emon information

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  • Ii Saburou
    Feb 19, 2003
      On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Anthony J. Bryant wrote:

      > Fascinating stuff. God, I love this.
      > Could you quote your original text here? I want to make sure I've got it
      > right.@
      > For example, mine has text to the effect, "...Yamashina ryuu wa kore wo
      > keishou shite uchi futa-seki wo otoshiya toshite ori..." ("...following this,
      > the Yamashino school makes two arrows [of their total of 22) as otoshiya.") I
      > think your 2 "uchiya" may actually be "--- uchi futa-seki", "two arrows out
      > of ---"

      Yes, it was:
      Uchi, otoshiya ippon (of this, one is otoshiya)
      Uchi, otoshiya nihon (of this, two are otoshiya)

      That makes more sense. Do to the fact that everything is written in very
      abbreviated speech, I was thinking that it was two types of ya--uchi and
      otoshi (like the 'yon, gonin' instead of 'yonin, gonin').

      > > Not sure if this is useful to anyone, but I found it fascinating. I would
      > > appreciate it if anyone out there can clear up some of the questions (such
      > > as 'Uchiya', 'Ochiya', and 'gosaku').
      > I can't lay my hands on any "ochiya."
      > Probably a misread.? "otoshiya" --> "uwaya/uwazashinoya" --> "arrows
      > attached in a quiver. Uses kakimata" (Kakimata is the U-shaped arrowhead).

      Yeah. I was thinking 'ochiru' instead of 'otoshiya' So, is it pronounced
      'uwaya', then, or is that just another name for it?

      > "Uchiya" is also Uchine, an arrow for throwing. Apparently, anyway...

      Hmmm... I doubt this is what it was. It used the 'nai' (inside) kanji,
      not the 'utsu' kanji.

      I should also point out that I was corrected by Hiraizumi-sensei on
      another issue as well: the 'gosaku' should read 'osaku', the full length
      quote being 'tennou no osaku no okanmuri' which is a type of court cap
      with the ken'ei--the round, loopy tail.

      I am adding these corrections to the website I catalogued the information


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