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9025Re: Uwagi fabrics

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  • makiwara_no_yetsuko <makiwara_no_yetsuko
    Jan 28, 2003
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      --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, "daviem01 <ellen.m.davis@a...>"
      <ellen.m.davis@a...> wrote:

      > Technically an uwagi is supposed to be decorated with white
      > (see
      > for Fujiwara no Aoi-hime's examples) but it's nearly impossible to
      > find something that fits that requirement.

      My uwagi is in a silk twill that is probably a bit too light and
      drapy (but the price was right). I did block printing with Createx
      white fabric paint on the silk after I dyed it to attempt to give the
      illusion of the embroidered brocade roundels. It came out a little
      too pale and subtle, but I kind of like the effect I got - and will
      know not to dilute the paint so much if there is a next time. I'm
      waiting for photos a friend took at Twelfth Night and will be happy
      to post them here once I get my copies.

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