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  • James Eckman
    Jan 22, 2003
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      > From: BamboOni@...
      > From: Park McKellop <squire009@...>
      >I bet the nuts are easier to chew. :-)
      Only if you have stainless steel teeth and jaw muscles of a bulldog.

      > From: "Anthony J. Bryant" <ajbryant@...>
      >I'm reminded of the fact that Nobunaga's kao was a highly calligled and sylized
      >"kirin" (as in, the mythical beast). The first time I saw it and was told what
      >it was, I remember asking, "you're sure it doesn't read 'Rorschach'?"
      Rule of thumb for Chinese/Japanese calligraphy, the more artistic, the
      less readable ;)

      > From: Solveig <nostrand@...>
      >Greetings from Solveig! It sure does look like a chisel regardless
      >of how you weild it. Besides, Japanese saws work backwards from
      >European saws, but nobody has any problems calling both of them
      >You are talking about the thing for carving rock aren't you? Not
      >the thing for carving wood? I have both.
      Yes, I'm talking about the one for rock which looks like a chisel but
      you don't push it, you slice/carve with it. You can call it whatever,
      but the people at the stores will call it a knife and probably don't
      understand what a chisel is. English is not a strong point among most of
      these vendors and I don't know the Japanese/Chinese names for the tool.
      I also have the wood carving tools and you do use the chisels as chisels

      >Yes. There are several ryuha for calligraphy. The one I belong to
      >publishes montly ratings in their magazine.
      Are you taking one of the classes by mail from Japan? I had a classmate
      that took those. She could draw them beautifully but couldn't read them.
      What scripts are you studying? I'm lucky that I know multiple
      calligraphy teachers! I can get help in person, which is good because my
      writing is not very good.

      Jim Eckman
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