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  • James Eckman
    Jan 20, 2003
      > From: Solveig <nostrand@...>
      >Noble Cousins!
      >Greetings from Solveig! The traditional seal carving tool is a ctually a
      >small chisel and not a knife. You can buy the things at calligraphy supply
      >stores in Japan.
      True, but in English anybody who I've met calls it a knive and you don't
      push it like a chisel. I recommend buying a 1/4" or 3/16" bits of high
      speed steel (cheap) and wrapping them with rubber tape and the like. The
      stores want $20-30 for this little bit.

      >Gosh. That calligraphy mill charges $160.00 for a certificate.
      From what I've read, calligraphy in Japan is all about certificates and
      not much to do with art. So this is not surprising. They have levels,
      formal schools, the works.

      Jim Eckman

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