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8966Re: Looking for suggestions for Kofun and Yayoi.

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  • daviem01 <ellen.m.davis@att.net>
    Dec 30, 2002
      > >Again, pish-tosh. This argument depends on the assumption that
      we're talking
      > >about clericalism of substantial rank, and that's nowhere implied
      in Aine's
      > >posts.
      > Actually, it did seem to be pretty strongly implied. If he wants to
      be part of
      > the inbe

      She, actually. <g> Darn Hiberno-Norse names!

      > then I don't have a problem as that was an entire guild with the
      > requisite flunkies.

      And I don't believe I implied any sort of "substantial rank". I am
      an individual with a YTBD religious occupation-- common, and quite
      varied in period. I am also related in some sort of kinship sense
      with the person who is the head of our local group-- again, a very
      reasonable assumption for Yayoi: since these are clans we're talking
      about, EVERYONE down to the lowest laborer can claim a similar kind
      of relationship. It's only later that individual family units
      overwhelm the old clan system.

      (In fact, although I belong to a particular "guild" (say, the
      diviners), I'm not so sure that in this period I could rightfully
      call it a "Be". It's very possible that the true "Be" concept arose
      a little later than Yayoi to replace the old lineages which had these
      traditional functions within a clan. Yet another problem with
      picking a name...)

      Anyway, although I have a religious occupation, I (along with my
      entire lineage) am NOT the one calling the shots. When I do
      divination, or whatever, I do it entirely within the service of the
      leader (or anyone else in the clan who may ask me to do it). That's
      what I was raised to do and what most of my immediate relatives do.
      For me to say that that gives me the right to also, say, perform
      rituals before the kami, or lead the warriors of our clan in battle,
      would be ridiculous. Those have absolutely nothing to do with my job.

      > >There's a big difference between a shrine priest, for example, and
      > >the head priest of Ise;
      > Doesn't matter. Further, I'm sure that you know that it doesn't

      Funny, to most of the people I know within the Society, such
      distinctions DO matter quite a bit. But perhaps I'm lucky in my

      It's important to choose one's battles, and there are many I won't
      touch with a ten-foot pole. However, I cannot accept the suggestion
      that one should not replicate a religious persona because some people
      might get confused and not recognize the difference between your
      basic shrine priest (or Benedictine monk, or Zen brother) and a high
      religious authority who also wields secular power. That's not a
      matter of SCA politics-- it's a matter of good historical
      recreation. (It also makes such a persona that much more challenging
      to do correctly, because one must confront such misunderstandings.)

      I hate sweeping generalizations, they're all dangerous. (Yes, that
      statement is itself a sweeping generalization. Bah! :)

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