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8964Re: Re: Japanese Homes and Lifestyles

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  • James Eckman
    Dec 29, 2002
      > From: Solveig <nostrand@...>
      >Amazon describes the Japanese original 4395270212 as a 106 page picture book.
      Could be, I have the English version which is about 124 pages. The
      original was called 'Nihonjin no sumai: Juukyo to seikatsu no rekishi'.

      >Are all the pages pretty much like the sample page shown for the English
      >language version?
      Pretty close, the book is about half pen and ink scene sketches, house
      elevations, floor plans and other assorted drawings. In many cases there
      are 3-4 illustrations on a page, this book has 100s of illlustrations.
      The other half is descriptive text. There are no photos.

      Jim Eckman
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