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8939[SCA-JML] Re: Looking for suggestions for Kofun and Yayoi.

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  • Barbara Nostrand
    Dec 21, 2002
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      Noble Cousin!

      Greetings from Solveig!
      >There's a difference between claiming to be THE reigning
      >shaman/shamaness/priest-king of a group, and claiming to be A priest
      >or of a priestly family. I would of course go for the latter, as a
      >distant cousin/servant/assistant to our local leader. As I belong to
      >a be that has become known for its skilled divinations (or what have
      >you), and as I have shown some meager talent for that practice, I
      >have been sent to assist my ruler in the smaller day-to-day
      >ceremonies that keep life functioning smoothly.

      That is unlikely to work. It really doesn't matter that much whether
      you are claiming to be priest/king of all of Japan or priest/king of
      the local valley. This sort of thing is not generally supported by
      the Society. Please consider the amount of flack surrounding the
      few people in the Society who are claiming to be abbots or bishops.
      Why not just claim be to part of one of the interesting uji or the
      inbe or something like that.

      >Besides, aren't members of the SCA assumed by default to be minor
      >nobility? What I am thinking would, in my opinion, be an appropriate

      The status of members of the Society in general is that sufficient to
      be at a feast or revel. That is about it. Claiming to be a priest/king
      goes beyond what is generally accepted. Remember, since you will be
      working with anthropological theory, that you really are stuck with
      these notions of the corn king and the priest/king. That makes a
      seperate priesthood difficult.

      > > I assume therefore that you are from before the tumulus period. This
      >> is seriously prehistoric. Yes, there is the Wei chronicle, but that
      >> hardly makes the period historic in Japan.
      >Well, where is it defined in the governing documents that one must
      >represent a persona from a "historic" (literate) culture?

      It doesn't. Being pre-historic just makes it much more challenging for
      you to do things well enough to be taken seriously.

      Your Humble Servant
      Solveig Throndardottir
      Amateur Scholar

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