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8933Re: just a happy thing...(posted elsewhere...)

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  • Yama Kaminari no Date Saburou Yukiie <ka
    Dec 19, 2002
      > LOL - that would indeed make one's arrows go "further", true,
      > although one starts to think about the 3- and 5-man bows spoken of in
      > legend for such feats. I too am happy if I can at least get my arrow
      > somewhere near the target, even though I am currently fighting
      > (again) my posture and alignment in daisan. I am forcefully reminded
      > of an analogy I made once long ago: gaining skill is like carving a
      > cube into a sphere. For every corner you cut off, 3 more arise to
      > take its place. While to others your skill may appear as a perfect
      > sphere, to yourself, the many corners are all too obvious.
      > - Takanofuji Jutte (Seamus/elmar)

      Takanofuji dono,
      I have a tendancy to work my yunde too tightly, griping the yumi
      instead of balancing it, thus I tend to throw ya to the right. I still
      have to work with relaxing the left hand, although if I could stop
      worring it...it might relax on its own... I too, have too many corners.
      People now-a-days buy video cards for their computers that render
      x-million triangles per second so their video games function with the
      smoothest graphics...then they need to buy more video memory so they
      can render more triangles...perhaps triangles are not the way to go, eh?
      Funny how life imitates art imitates life...
      Shi wa bla bla...
      (time to go shooting...the rain clouds are waiting for me...I dare not
      make them wait too long...)
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