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8623Re: [SCA-JML] de-lurking and a question

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  • Ii Saburou
    Nov 10, 2002
      On Sun, 10 Nov 2002, Jamie Norwood wrote:

      > > ?? Red is fine. Having a red and white Miko* outfit might not be so good,
      > > but I have seen plenty of red hakama. Why would you say it is not
      > > masculine?
      > I was led to believe by a few people at the event that red pants were
      > traditionally worn by, erm, ladies of a certain age. It is something I vaugly
      > thought I had heard before, but took a risk on as I rather like the
      > particular red silk we found, but having it expressed by a few people
      > made me a bit worried about it.

      During the Heian period women wore red nagabakama--but these are VERY
      specific, and NOTHING like most other hakama. They are the type of hakama
      that drag behind you on the floor.

      I have a red kataginu kamishimo that is red, with my badge on it
      (actually, counterchanged in color, but noticeably 'i').

      Even in the Heian period I find evidence of men in red trousers
      (sashinuki, shitabakama). They weren't everywhere, though. My guess is
      that it is the rule that Heian noblewomen wear red nagabakama, but not
      that red is restricted to women.

      Oh, and ooguchi--the underlayer trousers of men's sokutai--are
      exclusively red from the evidence I've seen.

      > > I know that modern comic books do not indicate period practice, but it is
      > > interesting to note that a modern comic book--Inuyasha--has a very male
      > > lead hero who has a red hakama and white kosode. What this shows is that
      > > modern Japanese do not necessarily see a red-white combination as only
      > > feminine. I would argue that there is no evidence that such a bias
      > > existed in period.
      > I've never been sure either way. I would love some clarification of what
      > colors were worn when, and what colors were never worn in certain ways?
      > Anyone know a good representation of this? :)

      There is no simple rule here. Best to pick a period and place and look
      into what you want.

      Senogoku Jidai (Warring States Period; late 15th~16th C) is really a free
      time for the provincial daimyo, who have become the rulers of their own
      domains. They could pretty much wear what they felt like, and often did
      as far as color and patterns went.

      > > Color is important in court garb and in the layers of Heian noblewomen.
      > > Other 'work clothes' no doubt had specific colors, but for the most part
      > > people seem to have worn what they liked. There is a tremendous amount of
      > > variation in the clothing in period illustrations, however.
      > This is what I was thinking when I went all red. I'm not thoroughly
      > confused as to what is right and not. :) Thank you though for helping
      > me figure it out!

      Check out http://www.sengokudaimyo.com/garb/Garb.html and
      http://www.iz2.or.jp/ (the latter is in Japanese, but there is an English
      version of the site).

      These are the best two sites I know of for getting an idea of what you are
      looking for.

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