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8621Re: [SCA-JML] de-lurking and a question

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  • Jamie Norwood
    Nov 10, 2002
      On Sun, Nov 10, 2002 at 05:32:38PM -0900, Ii Saburou wrote:
      > On Sun, 10 Nov 2002, Jamie Norwood wrote:
      > > was the one in the very red hitatare. Yes, I know, red isn't a good color
      > > for a guy, but alas, I didn't know that when I made the garb. I've promised
      > > to have more masculine garb by the next event we go to!
      > ?? Red is fine. Having a red and white Miko* outfit might not be so good,
      > but I have seen plenty of red hakama. Why would you say it is not
      > masculine?

      I was led to believe by a few people at the event that red pants were
      traditionally worn by, erm, ladies of a certain age. It is something I vaugly
      thought I had heard before, but took a risk on as I rather like the
      particular red silk we found, but having it expressed by a few people
      made me a bit worried about it.

      > I know that modern comic books do not indicate period practice, but it is
      > interesting to note that a modern comic book--Inuyasha--has a very male
      > lead hero who has a red hakama and white kosode. What this shows is that
      > modern Japanese do not necessarily see a red-white combination as only
      > feminine. I would argue that there is no evidence that such a bias
      > existed in period.

      I've never been sure either way. I would love some clarification of what
      colors were worn when, and what colors were never worn in certain ways?
      Anyone know a good representation of this? :)

      > Actually, I find it interesting some of the conclusions that are drawn
      > about colors in Japan; e.g. Because white is associated with death, white
      > must not be a good color to wear unless you are going to a funeral.

      Never made these myself, as they make little sense to me and I never saw
      anything that said it was true...

      > Color is important in court garb and in the layers of Heian noblewomen.
      > Other 'work clothes' no doubt had specific colors, but for the most part
      > people seem to have worn what they liked. There is a tremendous amount of
      > variation in the clothing in period illustrations, however.

      This is what I was thinking when I went all red. I'm not thoroughly
      confused as to what is right and not. :) Thank you though for helping
      me figure it out!

      > -Ii

      > *Miko = shinto priestess. Their typical regalia is white kimono (not sure
      > what kind) with red hakama.
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