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8617Re: [SCA-JML] de-lurking and a question

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  • Jamie Norwood
    Nov 10, 2002
      On Sun, Nov 10, 2002 at 01:41:56PM -0900, Ii Saburou wrote:
      > > Eventually Yomada-dono and myself plan to move our small family back to
      > > your part of the world - it will be nice to have other Japanese personas
      > > to commune with.
      > But, you're in Eisental--did you make it to Sword and the Chrysanthemum?
      > Forgive me if we met there as I am terrible about connecting online
      > persons with real life people.

      We were there for most of the day, though we did leave before the feasts,
      and we sadly never got to formally meet you, something I much hoped I
      would get to do. I did get to meet Kuji-sensei, though, who taught me
      the proper uses of a length of rope. ;) We had a blast, but our life is
      rather stressful and we tired early. :( If you were near the gate in the
      early afternoon, my darling wife was helping to corral the midgets, and I
      was the one in the very red hitatare. Yes, I know, red isn't a good color
      for a guy, but alas, I didn't know that when I made the garb. I've promised
      to have more masculine garb by the next event we go to!

      > Anyway, you have a great group of Japanese personae in the area. Talk to
      > your seneschal about Asian Night if you aren't already participating.

      We've been there many a time, Mokurai-dono throws a good gathering. We try
      to get there when we can, but it has been a painfully long time. Maybe this
      month will work out better!

      > -Ii

      Yamada no Mitsuyoshi

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