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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Oct 31 3:42 PM
      Ii Saburou wrote:

      > On Thu, 31 Oct 2002, Barbara Nostrand wrote:
      > > Noble Cousin!
      > >
      > > Greetings from Solveig! Most tea houses of which I am aware
      > > use Sino-Japanese names such as Konnichian. The ending of
      > > the name is partly dictated by the size of the tea house.
      > > The largest -an is 4.5 mats and the smallest -tei is 4.5 mats.
      > Um.. Please forgive my humble intrusion, but is not a 4.5 mat room equal
      > in size to a 4.5 mat room? Or is this a zen big/small comparison?

      I would say "welcome to the funky world of Japanese stuff" but you've been
      there. <G>

      What this means is that -an typically went *up* to 4.5 and -tei *started* at
      4.5. When it *is* 4.5, you can find either term applied. <shrug>

      I tend to think that such specific definitions of space would be very late
      period (given the history of the development of the private Tea space), if
      not post-Period itself. Lots of places were called -tei or -an regardless of
      purpose and regardless of size, anyway, historically speaking.

      This *does* seem to be likely a safe observation, however, with the high-Edo
      culture Tea facilities.

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