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  • dateyukiie
    Sep 5, 2002
      Tomodachi Toshio,
      Thank you for the info. I have since found much more info on
      mukabaki, and am confident that I can reproduce a pair with
      reasonable fidelity. I picked up a pair of matched furs at Pennsic
      that are the right critter, and adequately matched in coloration
      and patterning. It should go well with the dress shooting gear.
      Hijin (fire squire)
      We work only for the best, don't we?
      Semper Fi
      Shi wa hei to de aru - all are equal in the grave

      --- In sca-jml@y..., "toshio" <mooers@c...> wrote:
      > Date-tono,
      > The word you are looking for is "mukabaki."
      > There is a great picture at the following website:
      > http://www.iz2.or.jp/english/fukusyoku/busou11/index.htm
      > [The samurai also wears a cover of deer's summer skin called
      > "mukabaki."] They appear to have their own himo as haidate,
      > similar fasteners on the leg right above the knee. One of my
      > books by professor Turnbull shows the reverse side appearing
      > as tanned leather.
      > I hope this aids your research. Best wishes to most
      > honorable fire squire,
      > Yoshitomi Toshio, etc.
      > Squire and Apprentice to only the best.
      > --- In sca-jml@y..., "dateyukiie" <kabuto@c...> wrote:
      > > Greetings to all on the list,
      > > Can anyone tell me the japanese name of the lovely fur
      chaps worn
      > with
      > > some forms of kyudo and yabusame, and sometimes worn
      in period
      > > hunting? Are they assempled like oversized haidate, with a
      > > himo or belt, or are they tucked into the uwa-obi? Do they
      > > fasteners that secure it around the lower leg?
      > > Are they lined on the back side, or does the naked leather lay
      > against
      > > the hakama?
      > > Yama Kaminari no Date Saburou Yukiie
      > > Shi wa hei to de aru - all are equall in the grave
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