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8148Re: [SCA-JML] Real sword on ebay?

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  • chronoknight@mounet.com
    Aug 22 3:00 AM
      > http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=900187853
      > Legit?
      > Alcyoneus/Kondei Ichimusai Niten

      Well, it is legitimately a piece of steel ^_^
      However, there us no signature, no traditional wrappings, the "tang" looks
      to be welded onto the blade, as does the tsuba (guard piece). The blade is
      covered with blemishes, there are 3 mekugi-ana (post holes), etc, etc.
      It's not worth much, however it is 5ft long, which means it is technically a
      "nodachi". Which I've been trying to find a replica of, but this one looks
      like one of the mass produced tourist trap swords from the late 40s and 50s.
      I had found a website that sold replica nodachi... but the month later their
      site was gone and their number disconnecte heh. :/
      You can bet that there is no hamon... hidden or otherwise. The only thing
      "samurai sword" about this is it's shape.
      As far as this sword goes, you would be better off having a machine shop or
      a person you know cut some steel stock into the shape of a katana.
      I, personally, would not pay more than $50 for this, including shipping.

      If I sound demeanative, please don't take it personally, it just frustraits
      me when companies/people post stuff like this as "samurai sword" and etc. :(
      It is folks like that who make the whole business of collecting or even
      admiring geniune samurai swords a difficault one.

      I recently had the honor to hold and SWING a genuine Nagamitsu (though I do
      not recall now if it was the original Nagamitsu, or his son's, either way
      very nice) blade that a friend of mine ackwired... and my goodness, the
      balance as a cutting blade is outstanding... makes my blades look like
      butter knives... then he put it back into his air tightened vault hehe.

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