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8031Re: [SCA-JML] Digest Number 771

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  • Arelyx .
    Jul 8, 2002
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      ***Shall respond in private to this***

      In Service,

      Minamoto no Ukyonosuke Katamasa of the Heigan-Jo Genji, Joshu

      >Subject: Kendoist wanting to get more practice...
      >Hello all, I'm the new guy on the list and just wanted to ask a few
      >1) Would my standard Kendo Armour work in a SCA event?
      >2) I'm from KC, are there any units around that "Go Samurai"?
      >3) Where can I pick up pieces to suplement my SCA Samurai gear?
      >(Kote, SCA legal shinai, etc, etc)
      >4) Any advice you vets feel a newbie should have
      >Thanks All

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