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  • Douglas Shannon
    Jul 8, 2002

      If I may be of some assistance, I too am entering the SCA realm of
      Japanese/Samurai and may have some helpful (hopeful) advice to give.

      > From: "SirRichTS" <DavrosRTS@...>
      >Subject: Kendoist with no time needing armour!
      >Moshi moshi!
      >OHKO!!!! Well thanks for all the help all! Now for the next
      >I have no time to build my own Armour and was wondering if any of you
      >would sell or trade an old set of your armour? Have a Tyranid army
      >for Warhammer 40K up for grabs or a bit of cash. Where some of you
      >said it would be best to start as Sword and Shield corp, I thought on
      >that and desided We are Samuari, We learn as Samuari, we die as
      >Samuari. Karma eh Karma eh?

      You may eventually rethink this stance, or at least your thighs may beg you
      to rethink it! What ever you do armor wise, put extra padding on your
      thighs, especially the back/outside fleshy portion, this is where most armor
      does NOT cover and where a well placed "wrap" WILL strike (I currently have
      a bruise the size of my open hand, fingers outstretched!).

      >My first foray into SCA will be as Tendo Sato, the Ronin Wander and
      >will go from there. Can anyone help Arm, Armour and Equip me? These
      >are a few things I would like to pick up...

      There is Lord Effingham's site at:

      A wealth of information.

      >Armour (Duh, I'll just wear my kendo stuff for class and formals)

      Someone previously suggested the Yama Kaminari site:

      Quick and dirty (not putting it down, just describing the process!) plastic
      samurai style armor.

      >No Dachi style sword (The Japanese version of the Great sword)
      >Long and Short sword set

      All the SCA weapons (except spear - depending on the kingdom you are in, you
      can get away with a 12' fiberglass spear; some kingdoms still restrict the
      lenght to 9' for fiberglass) should be made from rattan, there are armories
      on-line that will cut rattan to length and ship it to you; just make sure to
      specify to them that you actually want something with a nice gentle curve to

      I've done a katana/wakizashi set from rattan that are wonderful to fight
      with. For the tsuba, I used two split pipe flanges and filled them with
      intermingled layers of steel plate and leather, I only cut the leather
      three-quarter of the way around the inside and pushed the resulting tab
      forward to be taped to the "blade" with the strapping that covers the rattan
      (I can come up with pictures later, my digital is in the shop right now).

      The naginata becomes a pretty darned good polearm.

      And one thing I have figured out in the very recent past is that instead of
      using what the SCA called a spear, you should make a 7.5' polearm and just
      MENTALLY say it's a spear! In the SCA, you can't slash witha spear, and that
      nearly negates it as a weapon in our game; but if you use a 7.5' rattan
      "polearm", you can have a small (2" diameter" thrusting tip (fiberglass
      spears require a 3" diameter tip - it doesn't sound like much, but when you
      look at the giant Q-tip in your hands, you'll understand!) and a "slashing"

      With the greatsword, you may want to stay away from a curved peice of
      rattan, I'm being told that they have too much give, and people will have a
      tendancy to not "feel" the blow.

      Also, be aware that the katana (with proper hilt length) is considered a two
      handed weapon and requires a larger thrusting tip than a "normal" sword (in
      many kingdoms, the thrusting tip can be "low-profile" or have the same
      cross-section as the rattan blade, but two-handed weapons must have a
      minimum of a 2" diameter tip).

      >Hakama and Jacket
      >Maybe a overmantle

      There are some great garb links at the yahoo site for this e-mail list.

      >.... All the weapons and gear of course need to be SCA Legal, I'm not
      >made of money but we could work out a arrangement. As the Bushido
      >says once a Samuari sets oneself on a course he must not faulter. If
      >I'm going to do this I'm going all the way.
      >Plus what is the name of the SCA group in Kansas City or around here?
      >I need to get in touch with them. Thanks Guys.. Gomen.. Domo Arigato
      >Tendo Sato (Richard Sutton)

      Hoping I've helped more than hindered,

      Douglas the Indecisive

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