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8026Re: [SCA-JML] Kendoist with no time needing armour!

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  • Richard Sutton
    Jul 7, 2002
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      >I would recommend trying that question at the armour archive
      >(www.armourarchive.org). They may be able to help you find the best of
      >what you're looking for.

      This site rocks! Thanks!!!

      >Find a rattan dealer online or near you. I believe there is someone out
      >in CA who ships them across the country. Otherwise, look for someone
      >nearby (your local SCA branch should be able to help you out). Look at
      >www.sca.org for the marshal handbooks which will tell you what kind of
      >measurements you will need.

      Check Will Do!

      >I would recommend starting with a kosode and hakama. Look under the
      >'files' section of the Yahoo!groups page for patterns--they are fairly
      >easy. Check with your local Arts and Sciences minister if you need >help
      >putting them together; most places I know have garb workshops at >least
      >once a month, if not more. Japanese garb is nice because it is >basically
      >rectangles, for the most part.
      >After the kosode, go with a hitatare for formal wear. Maybe a kataginu
      >(hitatare without the arms). For leisure wear you want a dobuku, and
      >perhaps a jinbaori when you start fighting. For information on any of
      >these, check out www.sengokudaimyo.com--look at the clothing section.

      Okay, will Do. I'm not good at sewing so will have to find help who will
      work for coins of the realm! A shopping I will go it seems!
      www.sengokudaimyo.com Seems to be the site everone is sending me too! It
      works very well, Domo! Great Site...

      >Very well. If you would like assistance on any particular
      >part--documenting a name, etc.--please let us know.

      Wow BIG THANKS for this, I have no idea where to start in doing the
      documentation. Where does one start? I'm thinking Starting as Ronin was the
      best way to go, how else historicily could I explain why I'm in Europe? Any
      help would be Great!

      >Dou itashimashite*. (BTW, just an FYI, if you use Japanese it is usually
      >a good idea to translate it also as not everybody understands Japanese).

      Cool, So on the field do We speak "Brokin Engrish" or just plain old English
      peppered with "Hai" and other snippits and bits of Nipon-go?

      Dou itashimashite*

      Tendo Sato

      (*Here's that translation for the gaijin.. Thank You ;-} )

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